Washing Monkey

I’m not sure about this.

I just did something that is making me sick. I just put Mr. Monkey in a washing machine.

Even though this is supposed to be one of those fancy machines, I’m still nervous – very nervous. My wife told me there is nothing inside the machine to hurt him, and with the setting set for “delicates,” it should be OK. I hope so.

I’ll never forget that look if something goes wrong.

My dad bought this monkey back in 1983. That means Mr. Monkey is 30 years old! Who puts a 30 year-old family artifact in a washing machine?!

Here we are in Charleston, SC at my daughter and son-in-law’s house. I’m using my iPhone to make this post and thinking of the footage I filmed for next week’s Monday Monkey. Was that Mr. Monkey’s last episode? Oh, I hope not!



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3 responses to “Washing Monkey

  1. My first thought was “Would I fit in there?” I am the same age as Monkey!
    Then I thought, “I have washed a family heirloom, before, because I spilled something on a quilt and wanted to clean it before mom came home!” Fortunately, the 80-year-old (at the time) quilt survived, and I am sure Monkey will, too!

  2. Anne

    It does look like he was overdue for a bath. Don’t worry, he will love it!

  3. Valerie Baker

    He did need a bath! Anthony tried to wash him up, but he needed more than that!

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