100-Year Event Witnessed

Where Were You?

Where were you when Elvis died? Were you even born? I was sitting in front of a 13-channel Magnavox television at my baby-sitters century-old, north Chattanooga house.

Where were you when man landed on the moon? I was probably wetting my washable, cloth diapers.

Where were you 100 years ago? Well, I wasn’t around then, but 100 years from now, if I live to be 145, I will remember today.


Taken on my daughter's iPhone.

Taken on my daughter’s iPhone.

I was in the process of taking my mind off of the true stresses and cares of this world, like finances, cell phones that don’t work the way you think they should after the money you spend on them, and sick wives (well, the one I have, at least), when all of a sudden my daughter screams, “You’re missing it!”

At one moment I was in the process of putting together a memorable blog piece about marbles and possibly some puke, then the next I was reminded that it was 12:12 on 12/12/12.

My daughter took a picture on her phone to archive the moment. Cool, huh? But not as cool as a post about marbles and puke, I bet.

Made Me Think

So, I began to think as I was typing this post as a substitute for the post I was in the process of composing, “what could be the point?” In other words, my daughter just memorialized a once-in-a-life-time event, but so what? It that it? Time was here, now it’s gone. What now? Has anything changed?

That’s when I thought of another date: 9/26/73. That was the day that a little boy named Anthony realized he was a sinner and needed Jesus to forgive him. That was the day he knelt beside a little Sunday School room table, and with the help of his dad, prayed to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Everything changed that day.

It was a once-in-an-eternity event.


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7 responses to “100-Year Event Witnessed

  1. I said “woo” out loud at the last sentence. Awesome!

  2. a) I was at work, constantly checking my phone for the exact moment while watching/teaching children. It made me happy.
    2) My day is Sunday, January 9, 2000, at 6:46 pm. I actually bake a cake every year and put the words “Happy # Re-Birthday!” The “#” is however many years since 2000. My 13th re-birthday is just a month away!

  3. The fun thing about time is every second of every day is unique!

    I, too, knelt and asked Jesus into my heart as a boy. I was probably 8 or so.

    But nothing ever happened so…fast forward about 15 years…I quit!

    • I’m sorry (even though you are probably not) about that. I have known a lot of people who made “professions” when they were young, but “nothing happened.” I have also known a lot of people who have run from God when answers were either hard to find or not good enough. There is no way for me to assume one way or another, so I won’t. All I can do is give my thoughts and my testimony regarding MY life.

      I think I will put together something for a post, since I would like for more people to read it. As you can imagine, the comment section isn’t the first place turn. A few verses of scripture immediately come to mind.

      You’re still young, Andrew. Something may happen, yet.

      • “Something may happen, yet.”

        And I’m open to that. I doubt anything will but I am not going to rule it out as a possibility or close my mind to something I could miss. That wouldn’t be very consistent of me!

        I would be interested to read a post regarding your testimony.

        I was intentionally brief in my retelling above, and it wasn’t that simple. I “surrendered” a dozen or more times, and well into my teen years and even early 20s. Even when I still didn’t “feel” anything I went to church most Sundays. I ended up at a fairly large, fairly new church in North Canton, OH. It was there, during a P&W session, that I had an epiphany. Looking around the dimly-lit sanctuary, with the music soft and people with their hands raised, I had an overwhelming sense of a production, if you will. What I was witnessing in real time was a product being created by the staff and purchased wholesale by the congregation. And what a product! One that can erase your basic fears (like dying) and promises purpose and direction from a cosmic superpower of a god who will “show you the way.”

        I don’t mean to come across as mocking. It was completely terrifying as I continued to consider this new perspective. Eventually, I made a conscious decision to reject it entirely. That fear was replaced with a huge sense of liberation and excitement and awe. Kind of ironic really…

      • You know, Andrew, I completely understand. Fabricated “worship” is frankly disgusting to me. However, what you get from worshipping with Christians in more remote places, like Eastern Europe, the Middle East, or even the Ukraine is usually something different. When people who have no economical or social reason to worship or “raise their hands,” you can be assured it’s not because a “praise leader” played “Come, Now Is the Time to Worship.” They are the ones of whom Jesus spoke when he told Thomas, “Blessed are those who believe, yet have not seen.”

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