Taking Over?

The Apes

You may have heard it by now, but a new Planet of the Apes movie just came out in theaters. I have not seen it, but really, how good could it be without Charlton Heston? Those dirty apes!

The Dogs

Well, long before Moses (a.k.a. Charlton Heston) battled talking monkey, someone coined the phrase “going to the dogs.” The world has definitely been doing that, recently. Forget the “bulls” and the “bears” at the stock market. Everything is getting so crazy I wouldn’t be suprized if apes and dogs take over soon. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

The Example

Early one morning, just a couple of days ago, my wife and I went out to run some errands. For fun, so he wouldn’t have to stay home alone, we took Nugget along for the ride. The moment we decided to order a biscuit Nugget knew exactly what was happening. He would not be denied the opportunity to place his own order.

 The Order

"No, I don't want a steak biscuit...I would like to have Chicken...And please hurry...I'm a hungry dog...and I like eating chicken."


"Woof...I mean Thank You!...But you can keep the biscuit...or give it to my mom, er, owner...is it supposed to come through the that box?...Drive around? OK."


"What are you people doing in there? I did what I was supposed to...now where's my food. Woof! Can you see me? Am I not cute enough for you?"


"She said she won't give it to me unless you give her money...What is money?...Can you please hurry?"



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3 responses to “Taking Over?

    I am actually kind of interested to see the new movie, mostly to see how they did … and maybe even if they can work in a reference to Charlton Heston somewhere. They did it with 2001’s “Apes” movie. (He was one of the Apes, if you are unsure!) Since he is now passed, perhaps they can find some way to squeeze his name in there or a reference to one of his movies (“I’m not trying to part the Red Sea, just save some lives through these [danged] dirty apes!” That would be funny!)

  2. heather joy


    I’m going to miss reading your blog posts while I’m gone! 😦

    • But how blessed you are! You get to wear a brand new khaki skirt in the land of great hand-made cigars! I have to stay here in air conditioning with anti-smoking laws keeping the air clean. Seriously, I’ll be praying for you.

      Anthony Psalm 57:2

      Sent from iPhone.

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