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Prayer Before Writing

While reading a required book for one of my seminary classes, I came across something that convicted me. It was a prayer.

Holy One, you wrote my name in the palm of your hand before time began. You commanded the prophets to write down your will for your people. Please let me, as I write, share your love and grace and wisdom through my words.” – Deborah Core

The Seminary Student Writes is a small book, but it is full of helpful instruction and insight for writing at the seminary level. However, the above prayer, or its equivalent, should precede not only research papers and dissertations, but blog posts as well.

Every time I sit down to write I should say a prayer. Before I hit the “publish” button I should be sure my words comply with His words. For you see, words are powerful. Words are tools. Words are weapons. Words should be used with the utmost care and wisdom.

It never fails to amaze me when I see how my words reach so many place all over the world. Most of the places my blog is read I will never visit. Yet, what I write here has the potential to minister in ways I could never imagine. With so much potential to influence lives in places only God knows, how much more should I ask Him to give me the words?

Do you pray before you write?


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