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You’re Never Too Old

For New Tricks?

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Why is that? Does a dog’s brain quit working when he quits chasing squirrels? Our last dog was 18 years old when he died. I bet when he was fifteen he could have still learned something. He just didn’t want to.

And besides that, how many new tricks can a dog learn, anyway? Once he has fetching, rolling over, sitting, and flushing his own toilet mastered, what else is there? Maybe old dogs come to the point where they figure learning more tricks won’t get them any more food, so why bother?

For Amusement Parks?

Yes. Definitely, yes! Face it, feel as young as you like, but if you’re pushing 50, riding the Screaming Dropa-Whirla-Shaker will kill you! Let the teenagers eat their hot dogs and ice cream and go up and down, round and round, and loopty-loop. You still have to drive.

So, if you regularly watch the evening news, drive a mini-van, remember when television stations went off the air at night, or prayed in school, stay away from any ride that comes equipped with barf bags (see picture).

For Love?

Are you kidding? Love happens at all ages. There’s hope for everyone, no matter how old, wrinkly, or toothless. You can even be as ugly as a warthog and still find love. Of course, it helps if you have at least one of the following: a little of self confidence, or a lot of money. No problem.

For Blogging?

Absolutely not! As a matter of fact, let me introduce you to Rev. Ken Welford. He is the latest contributor to my other blog, Proverbial Thought. He just made his first post, and he is in his 80’s!

Ken, currently ministering in the UK, was a Baptist pastor (retired) from 1956-1978. He also did work for The Far Eastern Broadcasting Association in places like Papua New Guinea, India, and Singapore. Now, he’s in the blogosphere reaching everywhere! You go, Ken!

For Faith?

Never! Abraham was 75-years-young when he left his homeland to follow the leading of God (Gen. 12:4). Moses was 80 when he did a face-off with Pharaoh (Ex. 7:7). Even late in life, they believed the Lord and trusted his guiding hand. What’s our excuse?

Don’t leave ministry to the young. Don’t think getting older means retiring from your faith. Take a cue from Caleb: at 85 he still had a mountain to conquer (Josh. 14:10). A few aches and pains wasn’t keeping him from his reward!

Any more Calebs out there? You’re never too old, you know.

What else are you never too old for?

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