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Reality Check

Those who piously suggest we should “listen to the children” have obviously never driven a school bus. 

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Things I Stand “For”

Judgmental Piranhas

There is an unending current full of piranha-like detractors, each taking a bite out of the weary and flailing defenders of normality left floating in the sea of change. After the sinking of the USS Common Sense, many are floating aimlessly, constantly being bitten by those who preach the disemboweling and gutless philosophy of never standing in opposition to anything.

Those who bite into the abandoned ask, “Why do you have to be against everything? Is that all you want to be known for? Being against stuff?” Schools of cultural relativists nibble away the backbone as Laodicean leaches suck away the strength of drowning Watchmen. With judgmental tones and a self-righteous sense of moral superiority they demand, “Quit standing against everything; stand for something!”

How are the above attacks judgmental in nature? They declare any attempts to defend righteousness as unrighteous, even un-Christlike. How are they harmful? Bit by bit, bite by bite they gnaw away at one’s resolve, one’s courage, and one’s determination to stand in opposition to the destructive flotsam beating against the foundations of society.

With the Flow

So, I have decided that it might be in everyone’s best interest to go with the flow and quit standing in public opposition to destructive ideologies and cultural perversions. Instead of standing against things, I will stand for things. The latter, of course, will appear less bigoted and more conducive to this culture of affirmation.

Theoretically, as I float along in the cultural current, instead of getting beat up by the wreckage of broken lives, I can point out the positives (cue the happy music), holding up anything worth saving above the waves.

The following, therefore, are what I would call the “pitch-covered baskets” (think baby Moses) worth saving from the crocodiles. In other words, instead of a “judgmental” and “negative” standing AGAINST, these are some things I am going to be standing FOR:

  • The rights of the unborn (I positively support pro-life initiatives).
  • Strengthening the traditional, nuclear family and heterosexual marriage.
  • Religious freedom and protection from government coercion.
  • Freedom of speech.

In addition, I will stand for…

  • Term limits and reduced salaries for Congress.
  • Major reductions in the size of our government.
  • The immediate revocation of citizenship and subsequent deportation of any American who wants to replace the U. S. Constitution with Sharia Law and/or makes threats against the people of the United States.

And I’m FOR a couple of other things, like…

  • Mandatory psychiatric evaluations for most Hollywood celebrities, especially former child stars who swing naked on demolition equipment, perform mournful songs about dead pet blowfish, and dress like stuffed animals.
  • Spray tan for everyone! Call it the “Dolezal Amendment.” One race and benefits for all!

Who Will?

Unfortunately, it really doesn’t matter whether we stand FOR or AGAINST something, too few are willing to make ANY kind of stand at all.

“And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none. – Ezekiel 22:30

Those who DO decide to stand will need a “shark suit” from heaven (Ephesians 6:13).

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