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Thoughts On the Slap Heard ‘Round the World

So much has already been said about the Oscar incident. You know, the one where Will Smith slapped the poop out of Chris Rock? Therefore, I’m not going to pretend that anything I write is going to be new or unique.

But who knows?

First, had it not been for the slap, I would have never even known the Acadamy Awards show was happening. Gone are the days when I had any interest at all. That was probably back when there were only 3 channels and the only other things on were re-runs of Gunsmoke or a variety show.

Second, people literally get naked and commit adultery right on the screen in front of us, yet THIS shocked people! Seriously? Like, oh, it’s OK for elitist egomaniacs to titillate us with their vulgarity and blasphemy, but did you see that??!! He just slapped him!

Third, Will and Jada Smith openly brag about their “open marriage.” In other words, the only part of being faithful to each other that they observe as husband and wife is staying together even when the other is regularly committing adultery. Instead of exhibiting the faithful love of Hosea, it’s Ho-say-us. Yet, instead of getting upset that his wife defiles his marriage bed, he goes ballistic over an ill-advised joke.

Fourth, what kind of pansy faker slaps another man, anyway? You’d think that all the action movies Will Smith had acted in would have taught him what a MAN would do in this instance. Sure, it was wrong and immature to do what he did, but once the line had been crossed, who defends his wife in front of millions of people by slapping somebody? Ever heard of using your fist, Will? Weirdo.

Fifth, Will’s son, 23-year-old Jaden, commented about the event later on Twitter. He said, “And That’s How We Do It.” Way to go, Will. Or should I say, way to be teaching your son about life, dude. Obviously, this wasn’t a shock to Jaden.

Sixth, every penguin-clad hypocrite in that room was a coward. Not one person got up and walked out in protest. Not one person went over to Will Smith and demanded he apologize to Chris Rock. Not one person objected to Smith receiving an Oscar only moments later. No, everybody knew who the “star” was, and nobody dared unhitch from him.

Remember this the next time Hollywood releases another video telling the rest of us how immoral we are when our values don’t align with theirs.


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