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Voting Monkey?

Picture Story

Well, I did not have time to do a Monday Monkey video like I wanted to. For some reason the local election commission would not let a man with a camera and a puppet go to the voting station before election day. Why not?

So, instead of having to work with grumpy election officials (good grief!), I decided to draw what I was wanting to do. Below is the story in picture.

Monkey thinks to himself, “I think I would like to vote. Oh, look! This must be the place to go. The sign says, ‘Vote Here.'”

“Now that they are asking for identification, I am glad Mr. Anthony made this for me – my own drivers license! This is all I will need.”

Mr. Monkey goes inside the building and walks up to the table where a nice, balding man asks, “May I help you?”

“I would like to vote in this election,” Mr. Monkey replies. “Here is my identification.”

“Uhhh, I am so sorry, but, uh, I don’t believe that will be possible,” the man says in a monotone voice.

“Excuse me? Why not?” asks a perturbed little puppet.

“Because monkeys can’t vote, even with an identification.”

Puzzled, Mr. Monkey asks, “Not even as a Democrat?!”

“If I was a famous mouse from Florida I bet you’d let me!”

Go Vote!

What’s the point of this nonsense? It’s simple, really. Monkeys can’t vote, but people (with proper identification) can. So if you are not a monkey – go vote!

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