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Anthony’s Appetite #7 (Broad Street Grille)

A Rare Find

I can’t help but tell you guys about this place in downtown Chattanooga, right on Broad Street, in The Chattanoogan. It is called the Broad Street Grille.

If you have a desire for gourmet food around lunch time, but you don’t think your Swiss bank account has enough funds to pay the bill, don’t worry. All you need to do is go downtown to the Broad Street Grille. There you can eat like the Vanderbilts, but on a coupon-clipper budget. No joke!

Try $10 on for size!

Seriously, where can you go and have chef-prepared delicacies awaiting your company, buffet-style, in an atmosphere ten times more swanky than a steak house, all for as little as $10? Nowhere like this, I dare say.

Just Enter

You can enter the BSG from Broad Street, or by coming through the hotel. If you are not going to stay at the hotel, just park on Broad Street by the BSG’s front door, drop some change into the parking meter, and walk right in. From there all you need to do is walk up to the front desk and let one of the nice people seat you.

Once you are seated, a very professional server will take your drink order and assist you in any way needed. And when I say “professional,” I mean it. Let me just say that even though this is lunch, you will be treated with the same class as those who will pay much more for dinner.

The Food

One thing you will notice is that there will be food like you have probably never had before, or at least not often. Every day is something different. The main courses change around, so one day you may find chicken and beef, while another day it will be something else, like salmon and chicken. It just varies. But whatever the case, the way the meats are prepared will totally amaze you. We are not talking ordinary. We are talking gourmet.

If you like salad, then you are in for a treat, for sure. You can choose from salad already prepared (a couple of ways), or make your own from scratch. But this is no ordinary salad bar, mind you. This is gourmet. Seriously. Just check out the flowers!

Do you want dessert? No problem. A variety is available to either make you forget you are on a diet, or convince you you’ve died and gone to sugar heaven. There’s not just one or two things to choose from, but several. And let me tell you, their cheesecake is excellent…it’s gourmet…but you probably knew that.

There are also, along with the salad, a selection of little sandwiches, crackers, and (you guessed it) gourmet cheese. Believe it or not, unlike the typical cheddar and mozzarela you can find in bulk at other restuarants, the BSG offers cheeses SO gourmet that I won’t even eat some of them. When was the last time you were offered Brie at Ryan’s or the Golden Corral?

The Challenge

Seriously, the Broad Street Grille is a place you have to try at least twice. As a matter of fact, if you want to impress someone, just take them there for lunch and never let them see the bill. You just pick up the tab, and when it is over, they will think you spent a fortune on them. If they don’t think you were the kindest big-spender for taking them there, I’ll eat my words…on a cracker with Brie cheese.


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