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I am a product of the '80's (meaning I was born in that decade) and married to the most beautiful woman I know since 2009 (beautiful in appearance and as a woman of God). I graduated in the spring of 2013 from Grand Canyon University with a Christian Leadership major, and now I am a student at Phoenix Seminary. Also, most importantly, Jesus saved me ... and you.

A Recovering Logos-ist

Daniel Klem is a long-time blogger friend. He was a regular contributor to and has even traveled all the way from Arizona to go Chrismas caroling with us 🙂 – Anthony Baker

I know. That is quite a title.

This can potentially be huge . . . if you know anything about Greek and theology.

A brief lesson for those who could use it:

John 1:1: “In the beginning was the Logos …”

Logos means “the Word.” Therefore, according to the Bible, Jesus is the Word, and that means He is God (see the rest of the verse), Creator (Genesis 1, God spoke), and Savior (1 Corinthians 15:1-2).

Therefore, the title of this post could very easily be understood as “A Recovering Christian.”

In a way, this is true. We should always be in a state of recovery as Christians: in mind (Romans 12:2), spirit (Ephesians 4:23), and character (2 Corinthians 4:16).

However, what I mean is something different. And I may make some of my friends unhappy with me if they read this.

Word of Faith

Perhaps you have heard of the Word of Faith (or Word-Faith, Faith, or Positive Confession) movement in the Church. (And forgive me for linking to Wikipedia.) To summarize the movement’s teaching, there is power available to the Christian through the Holy Spirit to have whatever we need (or simply want), and all we need is enough faith.

This has spread throughout the Church around the world, but the most famous of Faith preachers can typically be found on the Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN).

I fell into part of this movement almost a decade ago. It was one of the sneakiest varieties, too, because this movement typically does not deny the deity of Christ or that He came in the flesh (read 1 John; it covers every aspect of discerning this).

All one has to do, though, is speak in faith or act in faith, and God is almost compelled to do what we ask or believe He should do.

I did realize this is false teaching. However, why would I call myself “recovering”?

Still Learning

If there is one thing the Word-Faith movement gets right, it is encouraging Christians to boldly walk by faith. However, when I left the movement, I almost went full Cessationist. (It will take too long to explain here exactly where I stand, but I do believe the Holy Spirit can move through people today to perform miracles, signs, and wonders. However, it may be different from what some preach today.)

This is my recovery. I am learning to balance trusting in God’s Logos (The Word = both the Bible and the Son) and not automatically discounting every miracle or story of God’s moving. There are times I expect God to move in a certain way, and there are times I fail to believe He would even want to help me with something in particular.

In the end, the truest meaning of “whatever you ask in my name” is that we are asking in the same character of Christ.

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly … put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge after the image of its creator.
Colossians 3:16, 10, ESV

Have you had any experiences with the Word-Faith movement? Leave a comment and let’s discuss.


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