Are You Glad?

Let’s go!

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  1. evolution is a hoax

    Oddly enough I left a comment this morning. Generally I get a reply from you or a like. I didn’t see anything so I came to look. It appears my comment was swept into the Ether.

  2. evolution is a hoax

    When I read it I had grief when I would have thought, I would have had Joy.
    I know the church co-ops many of the sayings from the Old testament and rightly so. but this one has a price tag on it.

    God destroyed the temple. God ended his Covenant with Israel, he divorced them and gave the kingdom to another. Its a sour day in that sense. The great and terrible day of the lord. BUT,

    Jesus came, He died and rose again and is seated on the throne in heaven, the kingdom is transferred upward, the veil torn, the dividing wall taken down, the door to heaven to his throne where he advocates for us Open, the keys of judgment and rule taken from Sanhedrin the earthy destroyed and we ourselves have direct access to God, and his spirit lives within us. The actual kingdom has come in Christ the Messiah. And for the first time ever we could be born again.

    So, there is no Gladness to enter the temple filled with controlling priests lording over offerings and setting up rules and using nepotism etc. making all things holy stink. Jesus said, You go around the world to make someone a convert but then make them twice the son of hell. There had to be something different when entering the temple in what it was to serve God.

    So what is it now, to ‘enter his courts with Praise.’ I think there is a sense of remorse like one escaped from a fire, from a cluster of destruction, like we left a massive fight and argument built around sins against one another and the sins we were tangled up in, but a joy that we have been given keys to enter paradise.

    But I sort of feel like Isaiah a man of unclean lips, with garments stained with the sins of others and sins I myself have done, Torn as I have run out of this world and myself to lurch into Christ. to his throne. To his courts.

    So with Humility and Praise, I say it is good to be in the house of the lord.

    • I appreciate you sharing your sentiment. I understand the mixed emotions of going to church, entering a place where worship is supposed to take place, and wondering what it would be like if it was all done the way it is supposed to be. But, then again, how many of us really know how “it’s supposed to be.” How many of us are really capable of “having church” without some form of misunderstanding or faulty practice? Who really enters into corporate worship completely unhindered by the effects of the world and the flesh?

      But I thank God for His grace. Right now I don’t care what baggage my daughter is carrying, how affected by the world she is, or whether or not she obeys the proper “visiting-the-father” protocols…I would just love it if she wanted to come see me! My friend, with all our denominational differences, and even our differences of style and form, what I believe God wants, if nothing else, is His children to want to come and be with the family as they gather with Him. He loves us.

      I know I am not worthy to draw another breath in the presence of God my Father. He should strike me down with one final blow for all the ways I have disappointed Him, failed Him, hurt Him, lied to Him, etc., etc., etc. Yet, as crazy as it sounds, He still loves me, wants me to enter into His presence, and wants to bless me in some way. And I also know, like any father, He loves it when His children enjoy time with each other. It puts a smile on my face when my daughters laugh with each other, so I know I must get that from my Father.

      My heart is terribly heavy over some things right now, so I guess I’m the one who’s just venting at this moment. Pray for my family as you pray for the Church.

  3. Mitch Archer

    Yeah its good! Looking forward to tonight!

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