The Compatibility of Science and Faith

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In my last post about the possibility of Biden listening to and acting upon questionable or sinister science, I might have given the wrong impression. I say that based on a comment I received from a friend, Joel Ziegenmier.

If Joel was correct, then I do apologize for the confusion or spurious impression. Please allow me to clarify my stance on science and faith.

I believe that science and faith are completely compatible and non-exclusionary. Both can exist side-by-side without conflict. Why do I believe that?

First of all, we must understand what faith and science are. Once we do that, everything will become a little more clear.

Science, unlike what it’s made out to be in the news media, is a process of acquiring knowledge. It is not dogma, doctrine, philosophy, or religion. All it is – or what it is supposed to be – is a process through which knowledge and understanding can be acquired through theorizing, testing, observing, repeating and replicating, and so on. The scientific method is not a Truth in itself, but a process by which we discover and make application.

Faith is trusting in something. Blind faith is putting one’s trust in something without any evidence that the thing is trustworthy. On the contrary, orthodox Christianity is not a religion or set of beliefs based on a blind faith, but on tangible, historical, and verifiable evidence and Truth claims.

Science and faith are not opposites, but complimentary. Where faith can be tested, it should welcome it. Where science yields information, faith is placed in the interpretation of the evidence obtained.

Certain things, however, are beyond the realm of the scientific method. Those things that are supernatural (outside of the realm of what is considered naturally possible) cannot be observed, tested, and repeated, especially if the supernatural event is beyond natural capability.

Science, too, is limited in its ability. A prime example is the question of the origin of the universe. Although observable and repeatable theories can be applied to current natural processes, science in and of itself cannot observe and test the origin of the universe, nor account for where natural law may have been broken. Ironically, it takes faith for both the Christian and the naturalist or atheist to make dogmatic claims about the origin of all that is.

But for the Christian, science is not an enemy; it is only a tool. Thanks to a quick Google search, I was easily able to find a list of famous scientist whose works contributed to the way we live today, and each one was a Christian. They include the likes of Robert Boyle, Michael Faraday, Arthur Compton, Gregor Mendel, Isaac Newton, George Washington Carver, Francis Collins, and winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine John Eccles.

So therefore, it’s not a matter of whether or not Joe Biden listens to the scientists, for that’s a fine and noble thing to do. The problem is which scientists he’s listening to. Every scientist has presuppositions and assumptions. Every scientist has a personal worldview. Are the scientists that Biden trusts knowledge seekers or agenda pushers? Are they rabid naturalists who deny their own presuppositions and assumptions, or simply honest men and women who simply go where the facts lead them?

I’m not trying to be hyperbolic, but just keep in mind that it was the “scientists” of the 1930s and 1940s who concluded that a perfect and superior race was achievable through the elimination of all who were sick, retarded, deformed, homosexual, and Jewish.

It’s when “science” determines that faith is a detriment to society, a scourge on humanity, or a drug from which society must be weened for its own sake, that we have a problem.

It’s happened before. It’s been observed. It can be repeated.


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11 responses to “The Compatibility of Science and Faith

  1. Thanks for the clarification.

  2. 1) Atheists re-define faith and skew blind faith. Neither are cross your fingers
    In the bible Hebrews 11 the jewish bible changes the term to Trust. Why because it should be changed. The translation and definition are skewed with the term “faith”
    Faith is the opposite of contempt and trust. What I mean is, God was right in front of Israel and then they saw him open the seas, they saw him do this and that but then they doubted, not about his existence but about his Trustworthy leadership. Who is this God, he seems like a clutz he opens the sea but now here we are dying…
    This Contempt is the opposite of Trust mixed with loyalty.
    So Faith is not some pie in the sky hope so believe done by dummies called Christians as Atheists would coin faith.

    2) Blind Faith is forward looking hope in the future cause God says its going to be this and that. Not because we see anything. The faith chapter is about two faiths. Faith which they had but a level of Blind faith as well. they had Faith in God and they had faith in his promises.

    All this is messed up with the English language. You could include the word Belief as well, but its not as personal You could believe those events happened but not have faith in God. But those with faith in God are also believers. Depending how you put it into a sentence, the word comes out to mean slightly different.

    So, My question is. Do you believe in God? Even the Devil does. Do you have Faith in God? And Do you Trust God with your life in the future 2 seconds and two miles in front of you that you will continue in him.

    Being In him is about accepting his spirit and trusting him. English messes things up.

    • I tend to see “blind faith” as that kind of faith with no foundation or presupposition. For the believer in Jesus Christ it is difficult to have a blind faith because there is “evidence that demands a verdict.”

      • good afternoon. I hate English. Belief in a good way to me is about the proof and Evidence that God exists and that he came 2000 years ago etc. Even if the Devil also believes its still belief.

        I think Faith is more personal beyond Belief bordering on favoritism meaning that you not only believe but you favor this guy cause he is reliable and trustworthy. So even when you cant see the future you can lean back into his arms and know with total blindness, with no arms and no legs like Nick .. you can run through live not only with no arms and no legs but with gratitude because you were given life and a chance to be a part of something.. That Faith is about more than belief and more than trust but includes satisfaction. To me that is really the sort of whole hearted Faith we all should develop in our lives and craft in others and it takes deliberate work, but I think people are better people because of that and get put in to the hall of fame in Hebrews when they have that sort of loyal trust with God that makes them satisfied when things are in the toilet. That to me is faith, and Atheists really have no clue as to what that sort of faith is, not unless they have someone they love an respect.. Faith and Love are two peas in a pod.

      • For the fun of it, you should check out the message I did tonight. I would LOVE your feedback 🙂

      • Well, its nothing I aint heard before. I thought you were going to go into why Democrats want to take apart the family. As for the submission part it does say submit. But it says, submit to one another. So there has to be some humility in that… Being a christian for almost 40 years there isn’t much I hadn’t heard.. As for me. I have remained single for almost 20 years. So its not really in my wheel house anymore. But My Son got married a couple weeks ago.. had about 80 in the church in Pods. come with your group and stay with your group, but we did pictures together.

        My X was there. with her husband.. Not much has changed. A week after I was painting my Sons house which he just bought and the X and husband had to come over while I was there painting. we don’t speak. She knows better but wants to push. She is the sort of person that causes men to want to kill their wifes. I remained upstairs and told my son after the fact, that will be the last time I will be there and that wont happen again. she wins, or he has to say move on when I am there. Anyways.. When it doesn’t work out.. its no fun..

      • Sorry about that. Yeah, no fun at all. But as to the teaching, you may have heard it all before, but it’s something you’ll hear a lot less of today.

      • yes, deciding that there is a pattern we should follow gets under the skin of democrats. The Humanist and Atheist and Communist, the AOC+3 Squad types seem to be a cancer to America.
        Its as if there is a outside force intentionally playing havoc with America. Stirring up trouble.
        These goons are making lists of people who supported Trump in the Gov’t and are targeting them. They say if they try to get other jobs they will cause issues to stop their success. They Dox people. They start these riots, they try to sabotage things. I know there is partisanship but things have gone to far.
        Even this stuff with covid. Targeting churches even Christmas and Thanksgiving. You would think some Communist Atheist is pushing oppression on Democrats to push on Americans. It seems like a bizarre world..
        Then we have the 800 affidavits or so of election fraud and some serious oligarch action by Facebook, Twitter, Utube and Google. And law makers seem to be punch drunk behind the curve. America seems to have California and New York held by the Mob or something. And then there is the Black racism. I have never seen so many racist black people in my life. I hear adult people talking crap about white people and talking about themselves as if they are a different species. I say, so what your skin is black, it doesn’t change anything complaining and moaning is not a black thing, The carnal nature doesn’t skip skin colors..
        In it all, I see trump as this bystander, outside like many of us, looking at this train wreck happening but spurred on by some outside group destroying society, church, work, free markets, race relations. Its like China or Soros or Hillary is intentionally harming America. It makes me think that the virus was planned as is all this. Anyways, I don’t think I am the only that sees this.
        And then they want to force children to change their gender. You got to look around and ask is someone punking America or what? Or should I say punking the western world.

      • I quoted these off the hand the other day, Lev 18:22 Romans 1:27 ICor 6:9 Ephesians 5:5 I think for any Christians this is obvious, but more generally every man knows that Lust is Lust. The Term Concupiscence from 1 Thess 4:5 mentions it. Augustine mentioned it. So this Idea is not new. Sodom knew about it.. The thing is people don’t talk enough about it in a strait forward sober way. This Idea of changing genders or being gay or being in bed with many women or men comes from the same lust or Concupiscence. You don’t even need a person, and what gender is an object.
        Why do people sit in the sun. They enjoy the warmth. Why do people run to the fridge for ice cream, and why do people race to be first in line. There is gratification from many different angles. People are unaware of themselves.
        Today I am home because of my Arthritis. I eat the wrong thing or work to hard or the weather changes and I feel terrible and there is gratification in just laying in bed and pain in getting up.

        Most of every christians battles with sin deal with this. desire. Choosing a perverted life or destroying a marriage or stealing an election can be motivated by calculated greed but its also fueled by a unruly unrepentant drive that paul even talks about in romans.
        Any christian who has done any personal homework on themselves gets into a fight with God over it wanting a loan of desire-ex. Something that will rinse it away. Nazarene talk a good game of entire sanctification as if they have a cure. They talk of a second work of grace messing up Acts and the gift of the spirit given at salvation that at the time causes people to speak in tongues. They make it a second work of grace saying you can enter a place of sanctification suggesting a freedom from Concupiscence.
        This is getting long and could go on. But the answer is the washing of the word, choices to do right. And avoidance. On top of that a life of Love toward God and prayer and deliberate choices away from Lust. There is no difference between a Homosexual and a Long lived christian except for this. A choice to serve God in a right way and the give over of oneself to something they want more than God. Come out from among them! Its not easy on many fronts.

  3. Well said Anthony. Us humans have way more faith in our faith and generally trust ourselves and our systems, over no one else no matter the proof or lack of it. Sin skews the mind terribly, be it scientists or fellow believers in God. Not jaded here of course.

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