He’ll Listen to the Science

Lately, it’s been both a jab and a stinging response, the punchline of President Trump’s that’s become sort of a campaign slogan for Joe Biden: “He’ll listen to the science.”

Trump’s point is that Biden will make decisions based on bad science from bad scientists; Biden’s point is that Trump doesn’t care about scientific facts.

In my opinion, neither their arguments are going to make much of a difference right now. However, there’s a much more disturbing truth to the statement that, if Biden really does “listen to the science,” could potentially lead us down a very dark and sinister path.

Which Science?

To be fair to President Trump, it’s not that he doesn’t listen to science, it’s that he listens to the science he believes.

Stop for a moment and think about what is really meant when we use the word science. Science is NOT truth. Science is NOT immutable. Science is NOT determined by consensus (or vote). Scientific data CAN be interpreted differently.

When a person says he will listen to science, what exactly does that mean? Let us not forget the facts of “science” have often changed. Consider this tiny list of examples:

  • The coming ice age
  • The earth is flat
  • Piltdown Man
  • The benefits of smoking
  • Bloodletting

So, it’s certainly forgivable and understandable for the President to question certain scientists and listen to others. What proof does Biden have that his scientific advisors are infallible?

The More Serious Question

But what really scares me is that Joe Biden says that yes, he WILL listen to science. And based on what I’ve already heard and read, if current science (or should I say, “scientists”) believe it or promote it, then that’s all ol’ Joe needs. Listening means acquiescing.

Therefore, even if the “science” proves valid, what of the ethics? What of the morality? That’s the serious question.

Already it’s been announced that – because of science – Biden will make all sports and restrooms accessible to transgender and gender-fluid students. Because of science, abortion will be allowed far beyond any previous limitations. And based on the scientific advisors around him, Biden will more than likely impose a national mask mandate and mandatory shutdowns.

Disturbing? Yes! Because if all it takes to enact public policy is the consensus of politically motivated scientists, then what is out of the question? What moral or ethical line is out of bounds?

What freedoms are on the chopping block?


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2 responses to “He’ll Listen to the Science

  1. Listen to the Science is a bogus statement. The Vaccine is already on its way, fastest in history. TRUMP grabbed the Scientists by the ear. Took the Military by the shirt, grabbed Industry by the Nose and brought them to the white house and said, 2, 3, 4 years is nonsense. I want a vaccine this year. Move heaven and earth. I will remove the liability of moving forward, cut the red tape in between trials sandwich it all together and start making the vaccine once you see that it works.

    So rather than stumble along then get a vaccine then stumble to make the vaccine and then work out logistics. Trump took the Stupidity out of Science and put a fire under their backsides. So they did their science, did their trials, had the vaccine made ahead of time and had the army verify and set up the channels to get the vaccine out the door.

    If Trump was more involved with Science I likely would have been able to grow myself a 3rd arm I could pat myself on the back by now.

    Trump is an amazing man, not at all against Science but has a bit of hubris.. But other than that and a few other character quirks. He is an amazing guy.

  2. Thanks for the insight. There is no such thing as “listen to science”. Scientists have not reached a consensus on things like shut downs and masks. There seems to be a lot data to suggest neither is effective.

    Blessings from mighty King Jesus.

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