14 Reasons Why I Will Vote

NOTE: The following is a politically-inspired post. Even though I am a minister of the Gospel, it is my right as an American citizen to express my opinions on this matter. I make no apology for doing so.

Election Day

Woo HOO!!! Tomorrow is the day we get to go to the polls and select who will be our next President!

Wait… Maybe I should start over.

GOD HELP US!! Tomorrow is the day we must go to the polls and choose who will be our President for the next four years.

Yes, I am going to the polls tomorrow, and I just wanted to take a moment to tell you why.

My Reasons for Voting

  1. voteBlood. People died so that I could vote. That should be good enough.
  2. Complaining Rights. I want to be able to complain should the one I vote for lose. Those of you who don’t vote should keep your mouth shut on the 9th.
  3. Responsibility. I have been given a gift to live in a representative republic. The right to vote is not only a privilege, it is a responsibility. Scripture is very plain about being good stewards with what we have been given, and it would be poor stewardship to throw away an opportunity to make a difference for good.
  4. My Daughter. She wants a woman President – just not this one. Face it, 2 days after the smoke settles, the real President will be Kamala Harris.
  5. The Supreme Court. One of the major concerns facing voters in the last election was the possibility of whomever was elected to put up to 4 justices on the bench. We got THREE – NO BAD! But now it’s different: Democrats promise to pack the court (because they are crybaby bullies).
  6. Religious Freedom. Believe it or not, our religious liberties are on the line. There is no question there will be riots if Trump is elected to a second term – the Left has already promised as much. Yet, if Biden is elected, rest assured the Church in America (at least the ones who believe the Bible is the inerrant and inspired Word of God) will experience retribution, intimidation, and bullying the likes none of us have ever witnessed – except in former Communist countries.
  7. Stickers. The inner child in me likes stickers. I want an “I Voted!” sticker.
  8. Guns. I am a red-blooded American, and no matter what Mr. Biden says, I believe he will do everything possible to make it more difficult, if not impossible, to buy or own a handgun. Even though he says he doesn’t want to take away our guns, he’s not exactly the poster child for honesty.
  9. Email.  It was Hillary’s email four years ago, now it’s the Biden crime family syndicate. Joe Biden, are you the “Big Man”? 
  10. Benghazi. Four dead Americans no longer have a voice. I will vote in their memory because Hillary is still alive and it STILL MATTERS! 
  11. Partial-Birth Abortion. I oppose abortion, but especially late-term, partial-birth abortion that masquerades as a procedure meant to protect a mother’s health. Give me a break. No matter what kind of faults Trump has, at least he can recognize partial-birth abortion is an unnecessary, unacceptable, in-humane, murderous act worthy of Joseph Mengela. The Democrat Party thinks it’s perfectly acceptable.
  12. Health Insurance Premiums. Remember, Obama promised we could keep our doctors, keep our plans, and that we would experience lower premiums. Therefore, whatever Biden and Harris promise is probably a bold-faced lie, too. 
  13. Dead People. I must cast my vote to offset the dead voters who are resurrected to show up and vote Democrat at every election.
  14. I am an American.

Seriously, don’t stay home. Vote!


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9 responses to “14 Reasons Why I Will Vote

  1. You could do the world a service. even if you have to put other things aside. Send a email to everyone in your church
    And set up 3 or 4 people to call everyone in the church tonight and tomorrow and tell them to vote. Its not that big of an ask. get the church directory and tell the people to ask that person to ask their family to vote.

  2. TRUMP is wound up and rollin. Here he is Live at another rally!!!

    Pence just finished up and now Trump is up to bat. Watch this home run.

  3. John James is another good guy..

  4. I have this Post I just wrote, and I wanted to forward it to you. It was about Paula White asking God to provide Angels for TRUMP…
    While I think Paula is a bit of a Quack, to gain notoriety, I think it muddies the face of Good wholesome Christianity. But I don’t think she is a wolf in sheeps clothing. I think she does have a desire to know God to follow him like any person. But we all also cannot see ourselves.

    As for Angels. The Laptop for example was a gift of God. That said, the FBI hiding it or just not doing something with it is Crime.

    So You may want to know why God lets Crime Happen. Life is out of control for you, for criminals and for the righteous. If there is anything we can learn from the Garden of Eden story is that while God intervenes, he also doesn’t intervene.

    I have personally been involved with real miracles but God is consistently inconsistent. He is never the fixer of everything or the guy that is always determining winners and losers. He permits free will and even permits his own free will.

    I think like everyone he has to want to get involved, get convinced and we mirror who he is in many ways. He is enormously creative but with the patience of Job still puts his hand up and walks away from people. Yet, some times when some of the worst people call out, He hears from a distance. Its as if he has a calculator and says, let me run this move and then says, Nope. not going to do it or, yep I am..

    Still God is more than a lottery Prayer machine. Calling for angels is one thing. Living like angels is another. So in my mind, whatever they do, they should do it with boldness, with Christian character and not give into fear. Pay get the help when it comes, like Laptops falling from the sky and thank God gave Trump people like Rudy and others like Ted etc. Trump cant do it on his own. And possibly God has already sent the Angels.

    For Mr. TRUMP. Your Daughter and your Son in Law Jared are special people. They are a gift of God to you. With all your faults, God still loved you not only to give his life for yours, but to give you the presidency and family that would bring peace deals to the Middle east.

    Not that I am saying stand down. No. Stand Up. But stand up knowing God did not Abandon you. He literally gave you some of the most beautiful gifts mankind has ever seen.

    And since many Democrats think they are better people than you, they must be mad. How dare God. And maybe it wasn’t about TRUMP that God gave him these gifts. Maybe it was about You that God gave TRUMP to you.

    LoL. I hear you saying it before you post. Dear God take your gift back. LoL. No. Thank God for Your Gifts.

  5. While I think Trump has to get into the weeds to solve this current crisis, I hope he sees the Bigger picture, the forest not just the trees. He is the President of the USA. And His Wife, Imagine, Here she is, strutting her looks to make a living and Poof, she is in the white house. Who gets that? Trump might tell her, Look how lucky you are. I said that to my X wife, it didn’t work. LoL. But for all the Troubles, There is something to be Happy about. I hope the last post pointed that out and that we don’t have to totally slouch back and cry. Instead we should stand up and fight.

    • Yeah, I tell my wife the same thing. 😉

      • I knew I was setting you up for that. LoL. After you say it, just keep an eye on her. she may go and put her shoes on cause she is about to kick you in the backside.. LoL.
        You know honey how lucky you are to be married to me. LoL. Just don’t say it while she has something in her hand. You know she will say, Ok Mr. Lucky go put out the garbage.

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