Vlogging About Blake’s Song

So, what are you REALLY saying, Blake?


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6 responses to “Vlogging About Blake’s Song

  1. LOL! Thanks, I enjoyed that. Hope the Dr check up went well.

    In Him I have my breath and being, right? In Him, not in our spouse. A lot of our melodramatic love songs tend to be full of idolatry. We make idols out of romantic love itself, but also we make idols out of the people we claim to be in love with. Somebody smart once said, “that’s not love, that’s a hostage situation.”

  2. You are doing a video blog in your car cause you are trying to kill yourself driving. If Covid isn’t enough!

  3. Angie Reinecke

    I had to go watch the video. I hadn’t listened enough to pay attention to what they were singing. Seems like they could have left out the word “only” but they probably threw it in as a filler word to keep a beat.

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