Determined to Share a Mustard Seed

Honestly, I don’t know if the problem is with my computer, the internet, the way we’ve got our blogs set up, or WordPress. All I know is that Jill over at Mustard Seed Blog wrote a about hiding God’s Word in our hearts, and I want to share it with you!

I mean, here I was, excited about how I could post something really encouraging without having to spend any significant time writing, and now look what I am doing!

So, as I wrap some some things here in Chattanooga before starting my first official day at Bethlehem Baptist Church on August 1st, take the time to plant this little mustard seed from a lady with some helpful, godly wisdom, and click on the link below.

Time For a Heart Clear-Out?


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3 responses to “Determined to Share a Mustard Seed

  1. Not trying to be harsh, but really a lot of mixed analogies.

    The analogies are mixed and changing.  It goes from . . . .

    storing and hiding,
    to leakage,
    to special agent,
    to locked and key buried,
    to safe, strongbox, diplomatic bag
    back to leak 
    to squeeze and spill out,
    to rotten fruit,
    to infect,
    to toxic,
    to pockets,
    to erode,
    to birthed,
    to planted,
    to root 
    to seeds
    to replant

    While some are consistent with each other in a particular section, the imagery starts with . . . . leakage . . .  goes to spoiled fruit . . . and ends with seeds & planting.

    The “leakage” metaphor or analogy would have worked out very nicely if stayed with throughout. If she had just stayed with that analogy and run with it it might have been more effective.

    Just my thinking?

    God bless you on your move!

  2. hawk2017


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