They’re Coming After Your Church, and Maybe You

I could write a long post addressing many of the same things, but Ben Shapiro covers a lot of the things I’ve been warning about for years.

You may not have the time to watch the whole program right now, but I would encourage you to watch as much as you can when you can, at lest the first 20 minutes.

We are approaching a dark day in America, one like we’ve never seen before. As Christians, are you ready for what is coming? Are you prepared to deal with the struggles that believers will have to endure?

Republican or Democrat, honestly, you should open your eyes to the danger to our freedoms that is just around the corner.

Will you still be committed to your faith when being faithful to the teachings of Christianity is a crime?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. We can discuss ways to proceed.


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14 responses to “They’re Coming After Your Church, and Maybe You

  1. The Eclectic Contrarian

    Sue Love’s blog Run With It covers this in most every post.

  2. Bottom line thought: It may take persecution to plant the seeds of revival. God wins when He owns our Heart (our whole being).

  3. hawk2017

    I think that we will know how we will react until we face the challenge. I hope I make our God pleased that I stood with His strength. He never let’s us face the adversary alone. Many of us TrueBelievers are afraid and we have to go underground as the Chinese TrueBelieves have. :*(

  4. I can’t watch YouTube. Can you give a synopsis?

    • Sure, let me see if I can do this from memory. Ben Shapiro starts off his program with the story of CNN reporter Kate Bennett, a reporter that follows Karen Pence (VP Pence’s wife), going completely heart-attack mode over Mrs. Pence’s working at a Christian School. Essentially, the reporter was aghast that Mrs. Pence could work for a school that required students and employees abide by a code of conduct that prohibited same-sex marriage and other stuff. Shapiro went on to make the argument (which I have been making) that the left’s ultimate goal is to do away with Judeo-Christian influence in American society, and the first step will be in shutting down Christian schools and churches by forcing them either to comply with LGBT thought or lose 501C-3 exemption. The fact is that if one wants to hold to a traditional view of marriage and sex (including gender), the left will require they be removed from or denied public office. Eventually, it will become criminal to teach or publicly affirm traditional Judeo-Christian views of marriage and gender.

  5. Not much point in adding Democrats to the listed audience. Democrats aren’t Christians. Indeed, Democrats are the ones leading the war against Christendom.

    • Hey Jonolan. While I bet we actually see eye to eye on many political issues, I am pretty sure being a Democrat does not disqualify one from being Christian. Actually, I am very sure. Is the Democratic platform almost universally ungodly? Yeah, probably. Are all Democrats lost because of party affiliation? No. That sort of rhetoric does little to help things and ties politics to faith in ways that are not Biblical. Just a thought there.

      • So, in your opinion, those that consistently support unGodly and anti-Christian measures are still Christians in more than name?

        And, there was never a separation between faith and the political in the Bible. The closest was the prescription to give to secular leaders what is due them. And even that has to be taken in the context of Judea being under foreign rule and occupation.

      • God’s opinion is that salvation comes by grace through faith. I never said those who live ungodly lifestyles with no remorse or conviction are Christian. That is likely not true no matter what your political affiliation. Nonetheless, a blanket declaration that Democrats are not Christian is actually a false Gospel. You might as well say one has to be Republican to be Christian. Again, that would be a legalistic false Gospel.

      • Yes, for the most part in America one has to be Republican to be Christian! Now, that DOESN’T mean that a Republican IS a Christian. It just means that, in my opinion, being Christian has a prerequisite to not be part of the group Hell-bent on destroying Christendom.

      • I would agree that support of certain things and not supporting other things might be fruit of and evidence of our salvation. I’ll not concede that either of them are a prerequisite of our salvation. The difference is a critical one. And the two messages are totally different. One is the Gospel and one is not.

  6. That video was disturbing.

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