Surgery Update: 12/28/17


My last “surgery update” focused on one word: PAIN! So, if I were to follow the same format for this post, instead of just one word, I would offer two: Less PAIN!

However, because the pain levels are down, and I am getting more comfortable with “talk-to-text,” the word count of this update will be a little more. Nevertheless, I promise not to use any of “colorful” words both God and my wife have heard this past week.

Colorful words: The kind that unfortunately slip from my quivering lips when the dog barks in the middle of the night and I instinctively sit up with a start, jerking my stiff and immobile right arm, sending searingly-hot waves of pain shooting along the offended nerves in my shoulder in an attempt to ask my brain, “What the blankety-blank were you thinking??!!”

How Am I Doing?

Yes, I am doing better than I was a week ago. Yesterday, I went to the doctor for my first follow-up visit and received good news. After getting the stitches on my shoulder and hand removed…

This pic shows only 2 of the 3 incisions and none of the bruising on my bicep.

Look at the new wedding band my youngest daughter gave me for Christmas 🙂

I was told that I could do physical therapy at home for the next four weeks instead of having to pay for it. Yay! The goal will be for me to regain some mobility, then go to actual therapy for the next level of mobility and strength building.

The worst part of my recovery has not simply been the pain, but the inability to get any sleep, therefore forcing me to endure the pain beyond the medication’s ability to control it. The lack of sleep complicates the whole healing process.

I do not have to wear an arm brace/sling all the time, now – at least not around the house. That’s refreshing. And, speaking of refreshing, I can almost do everything by myself! It’s amazing how degrading this whole week has been.

Prayer Needs

Make no mistake about it, we still need your prayers.  It is precisely at times like this that the Enemy loves to attack the people of God, tempting us with the same old question he asked Eve, “hath God said?” (Gen. 3:1).

Yes! He has! And I will trust in the Lord with all my heart (Prov. 3:5-6).

But we still need your fervent prayer.

Financial Needs

Folks, I don’t know how to put it any other way: we still need financial help.

For at least the next three months, I will not be able to work. If you could help support us in any way, all specified gifts sent either to our church (South Soddy Baptist) or the Hamilton County Baptist Association office would be tax-deductible.

Click HERE for a link with more detailed info on donating.

Of course, if you don’t care about tax deductions and would simply like to donate a few dollars, you can go to the right sidebar here on the main page and click the Paypal “donate” tab.


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9 responses to “Surgery Update: 12/28/17

  1. ChristianPathShare

    Prayers are being sent! Be strong and well my friend.

  2. hope855

    Is the Baptist Association able to help you, too?

    • hope855

      I’m praying for you, Bro. Anthony. I wasn’t trying to be ugly, I was just curious. Are they able to help You? I’m a southern Baptist, too.

    • They are not in the position to provide financially. They have been helpful in other ways, though. Being Baptist means I don’t have the same situation as some other denominations that place pastors and/or fund their salaries. I’m dependent on the church I pastor for support, whatever they choose to pay. In this case, it’s only a small church, and they can only pay $150 a week (housing allowance). That is why I have been appealing for support, like a temporary missionary. This church needs me right now, and I need it. But I can’t bring any other income right now.

  3. Awww so sorry to read this , glad you’re doing better . I’m praying for your recovery and financial concern .I will try and sow something to help (little is much ) I will let you know asap . Get better and keep your head up ……

  4. Glad that your improving on the voice to text concept! God is going to use this opportunity to as a family to grow! His love for you far reaches where you are! I am grateful for knowing that He who owns all the hills, cows, and everything else will be the meeter of ALL of your needs and even some wants! In the meantime I will be glad to sow into this family! Blessings to you and your family!

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