When My Daughters Cry

I am a Christian.

I’m also a father.

Sometimes I’m called “dad,” while other times it’s “daddy.”

And, I don’t like it when my daughters cry.

If you want to find out how spiritual I truly am at any given moment, just make my little girls cry. On the one hand you may discover that I have complete control of my tongue; that I’m able to “be angry and sin not”(Eph. 4:26); or that I’ve mastered the discipline of taking all things to God in prayer before I act.

On the other hand, I may disappoint you.

Sanctification is a process.

I’m not always nice.

I’m not always quick to forgive.

Sometimes I forget to Whom vengeance belongs (Rom. 12:19).

Sometimes I fail to take all thoughts captive (2 Cor. 10:5), leaving a few violent ones to bounce around in my head.

I want to “walk worthy” of my calling (Eph. 4:1; Col. 1:10; 1 Th. 2:12), but sometimes I trip.

You see, I’m a Christian, and a father,

But sometimes I’m just a dad.

And I don’t like it when my daughters cry.



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5 responses to “When My Daughters Cry

  1. ChristianPathShare

    Sometimes to hold my tongue I pretend I’m in church. I just look up and pray that Jesus didn’t have an emergency and left my side for a minute LOL Thanks for letting us know that even our leaders are the perfectly imperfect humans God intended. Be well, always.

  2. Anthony, your loving protectiveness and devotion to your daughters reminded me (at 64 years old!) of my dad’s words to me when he was in hospice. I was the youngest and also the only daughter, and my dad and I adored each other. When he was in hospice, he said to me, “Sister, you’re kinda special, ain’t ya?” and I answered honestly, “You always said so, Daddy.” I was blessed to have two wonderfully loving parents and an amazing brother – and to always be allowed to feel like I was “special” because that’s how I knew my dad thought of me. Thank you so much for this post!

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