My Mayor’s Email, and My Response

You can read my response in the conclusion of this post.


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12 responses to “My Mayor’s Email, and My Response

  1. Well done. So aggravating that people don’t get it.


    Your point is well-argued, brother Pastor.

  3. We really need you in the arena.

  4. Lorrie Ellis

    Thank you Pastor Baker for standing up to what is right. I’m proud of you.

  5. Sheep among wolves. Your an excellent example of how to be cunning as serpents, and innocent as doves. It’s getting scary out there. The lying left media is already publicly condoning violence against any who won’t share their agenda, labeling them bigots and hatemongers, with the globalist puppeteers fanning the flames against those who attempt to preserve the rule of reason. Were all those bearing the Presence of Christ in this world to be suddenly raptured, I fear those remaining on the ideological right would actually face the kind of wholesale conversion or slaughter we read of in Revelation. They’re already running people over. The mobs are full of brainwashed folks who can barely articulate a thought, much less a rational position. They just repeating the mantras they’re handed. Are we seeing the beginnings of the strong delusion? I’ve been repelling the attacks from my place on the wall, wtg on yours. Lets strengthen the things which remain.

  6. I have just read a few articles about the protest, and it seemed like the White Supremeists and those who say they are Nazis were quite open about that fact. They wore t-shirts and had signs that promoted these things. I guess that is free speech. I would say the KKK, White Supremeists and Nazis are bigots (racists). That is a mild thing to say about people who agree with these things.

    The left is worried and frightened by all this, which is not surprising. Why would we want a country like the one they want? Honestly, I think the U.S. should divide in two. There is too much hatred now, too much anger.

    • I condemn all forms of racism and the groups that encourage them. However, I do believe much of what is going on is media-manufactured and spurred on to create an impossible condition for Trump to govern. Nevertheless, the situation here in Chattanooga with the Confederate cemetery is pretty straightforward: our mayor is simply wanting to do something in order appear like he’s dong something.

      • I asked myself what Jesus would do about statues he didn’t like. I know he would have done nothing. He was focused on helping people, spreading the gospel and dying for us. I agree with you about the cemetery.

  7. hope855

    Well spoken, Bro. Anthony. The Confederates were just as much as the Union a part of our nation’s fabric. What a disgrace to dishonor them! When and where will this end?

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