The Orange Razor I Never Got

I don’t always like doing it, but I do shave my face and head. I’m not overly picky about the razors I use, but I do have my preferences. Usually I prefer the 5-blade kind. 

I have, however, shaved with an old-fashioned “safety” razor in the past. Well, at least it’s safer than a straight razor. 

But last night was one of those times when I received some very troubling news, the result being a restless night with less-than-needed sleep. Therefore, it’s not surprising I had a strange dream. 

I don’t know what led up to it, but all of a sudden there was our oldest daughter, Alicia, griping at me for not writing a blog post about the razor she gave me as a gift. When I looked down (in the dream) I saw the razor she was talking about, and it was one of the orange razors they sell at Target and online. 

So, I know dreams can be crazy, but sometimes they can tell us a little about ourselves. Evidently, as best I can figure, I like sharp blades and orange things.

That makes perfect sense, too, because I’m sharp and from Tennessee. 

Maybe, since Alicia has never purchased a $9 Harry’s razor for me, she was really actually upset because I haven’t talked about myself? Yet, haven’t I done that before? 

Maybe, my mind wanted me to tell Alicia to put an orange razor on my birthday gift wish list? 

Maybe I’m low on vitamin C and I’m losing my edge…and I need to get a handle on things? 

Well, I definitely need to get a grip on some things, and an orange (or maybe orange jello) would be nice. But I can tell you this one thing for sure…

…I never got an orange razor. 


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2 responses to “The Orange Razor I Never Got

  1. So where’s Joseph when you need him??

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