A Blessing and an Emergency Need

Please take a moment to read this… It won’t take long.

First of all, many of you know about the parsonage (house owned by the church I now pastor) that we are going to be living in soon. If you don’t know about it, just watch this video entitled “The Parsonage Project.”

Anyway, part of getting any work done on the old house involves finding free manual labor. Well, lo and behold, starting this coming Monday morning World Changers is going to be sending a whole crew of teens and some adults to work next week!

Listen, if you don’t know about World Changers, then click on HERE and HERE (Chattanooga link) to find out more. But this is a HUGE answer to prayer, guys! HUGE!  It usually takes a lot of planning to get one of their groups to come out to do a project…but I just got the call THIS WEEK! And they are going to be here MONDAY! They had a project cancel at the last minute, so they called us!

(These kids even paid $280 each to go on one of these trips!) 

But here’s the other thing… Simply put, we need money. Look, I’m not asking you to buy this pastor a new G5 private jet. I’m not even asking you to buy me a used car. All I’m asking is that you would prayerfully consider donating to help purchase supplies that will be needed for this crew to fix drywall, do ceiling work, paint, etc. That’s all.

Granted, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done, and some of it can’t be done by this crew – like replacing windows, replacing the old bath, fixing some roofing issues, and HVAC stuff – but they can accomplish a huge amount of labor-intensive, time-consuming work that would make way for other things. They just need money for the material.

The project manager, David Fox, who looked at the whole project this evening, said $1,000 to $1,500 would probably cover all the costs to put a huge dent in all we need done – and that’s because this group can acquire supplies at a big discount. Normally, city funds would help to purchase things for homes they would work on, but this project is outside of the city of Chattanooga, and it’s a church-owned home, so…

Seriously, folks, South Soddy Baptist Church is just a small church with very little funds. Spending $1,500 right now is not even possible. But I honestly believe God has His hand on this and has a plan for this congregation – and my family and me. If you could financially help in any way at all, you can either mail a check OR click on my generic PayPal Donation button here on the blog (and indicate what the money is for).

If you would like other contact info, just email me at PastorACBaker@yahoo.com. or call me at 423-645-8884.

The mailing address is: South Soddy Baptist Church, 11055 Dayton Pike, Soddy Daisy, TN 37379.

ALL donations are tax-deductible. 

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13 responses to “A Blessing and an Emergency Need

  1. I will pray enthusiastically for many donations to come in. This is fabulous news. 🙂

  2. Greg Steele

    Anthony, so glad we get to send a crew your way this week. You are an answer to prayer as well because if not for you we would have a crew with no place to go. Praying you get the funds you need.
    PS: I am project coord for this weeks project, hope to see u around!

  3. Please know with sincerity, that another prayer is being offered up on your behalf. When the Lord gives me just one way to give, I will be sure to reach out to your mission. In the name Jesus. God bless you for your obedience, I pray your strength. And even when the numbers may not add up know that we serve a God that puts doors in Achor. Be Blessed Brother.

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  5. Anthony, the Donate button is not allowing me to change the purpose or enter in an amount. I want to help, but right now I need to use my credit card. Send PayPal link directly to my email.

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  7. A reader from Texas, I don’t have a lot but I have a nice little house that doesn’t leak … sending a little something so maybe yours won’t.. Keep writing.

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