10 Things Christian Bloggers Wished the Rest of the Universe Could Understand

This list first appeared back in May of this year, but I thought it was worth re-posting… sorta like “the best of The Recovering Legalist.” Bloggers unite πŸ˜‰Β 

The Audience

If you are reading this – evidently you are – it is probably because you are on some form of social media, like Facebook or Twitter.Β it is also possible you received an email notification as a subscriber, or you were forwarded a message from a friend who said, “You’ve GOT to read this!”

On the other hand, you may be a blogger who was surfing recent posts from followed sites or “suggestions”form WordPress (or some other inferior blogging platform).Β Those of you in this group – the bloggers – will understand what I’m about to write; the rest need help.

The following list will be less of a shocker than an affirmation of what Christian (and some pagan) bloggers already believe about themselves or others within their “community.” Therefore, the following list is meant more for the casual Facebook reader, the neglected child with a school project due, and the wife or husband whose eyes roll more often than a bowling ball.

10 Things Christian Bloggers Wished the Rest of the Universe Could Understand

1. The ability to write is a gift from God; the ability to write well takes work. Every post, if it’s worth posting, should be well-written. A poorly-written post is a poor reflection on the message we have to share. Therefore, don’t get upset if we spend 3 hours crafting a 500-word work of art.

2. Blogging is a form of worship. I know, it may sound crazy, but blogging can be a very legitimate means of giving praise and honor to God. Christian bloggers regularly speak of the goodness of God, praise Him in the midst of struggles, and challenge others to trust Jesus. Christian bloggers LOVE to praise God through computer screens all over the world!

3. Β Christian bloggers are internet missionaries! You don’t have to travel the world to teach people with the Good News; you can do it from your kitchen! That’s right with a simple blog piece one person can instantly share relevant Truth in over 100 countries! Last time I counted, I’ve had readers in 126.

4. Β Everything is fodder for a blog post. That’s right, everything from one’s recent trip to the mall to one’s battle with cancer – it’s all worth writing about, especially to the one who sees God’s hand working everywhere.

5. Β Household chores will take care of themselves. Families of bloggers are usually the most stressed of housekeepers, but this need not be. Worse come to worse, dirty dishes, un-walked pets, and un-made meals can be used as writing topics (see point 4).

6. Β Blogging is reporting. All bloggers wish the world would give us more respect. I mean, seriously, we deserve Press credentials! If you write a well-written blog you should be allowed into all political events, meetings, and all concerts for free. As for me, I think every blogger is a potential food and restaurant critic – we should eat for free.

7. Β Christian bloggers don’t have selective hearing; we have selected focus. When I’m at the computer, don’t assume I hear anything you say. When I’m writing I’m in the “zone,” so voices outside the “zone” are muted. If you want my attention, offer food or show legitimate interest in what I’m writing. Β Otherwise, don’t assume I heard you tell me to pay that bill.

8. Β Donations are always welcome. Just because we Christian bloggers love doing what we do, that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t accept money. Money buys better computers, custom themes, and comfortable desk chairs.

9. Β The Christian blogging “community” is a real thing with real people. Honestly, some of my best friends are bloggers I’ve met online. Several of us have met in person, prayed with each other, and shared in genuine Christian fellowship and worship. Bloggers love bloggers πŸ™‚

10. Β Christian bloggers come in all virtual shapes and sizes. Not every Christian is alike, and neither are our blogs. We are all unique and bring our own perspectives to the discussion of life. Don’t read just one.

So, what are your thoughts? Any points you’d like to share with the universe?

Kicked out of the house and in need of wifi, the blogger will do anything to maintain his habit of changing the world one post at a time.

Kicked out of the house and in need of wifi, the Christian blogger will do anything to maintain his habit: changing the world one post at a time.




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50 responses to “10 Things Christian Bloggers Wished the Rest of the Universe Could Understand

  1. Definitely worthy of reposting. A good reminder. Thanks Anthony.

  2. Anthony – Awesome post !! So true Christian bloggers are amazing and I agree blogging is definitely a way to worship and give God praise !
    My daughter has been blogging longer and blogs more frequently that I do ~ she LOVES it and I never understood it until she talked me into starting my own blog !
    I have seen God move in the blogging community and ignite brothers and sisters in Christ with people I never would have met otherwise !!
    There is a passion in the blogging world and unless you jump in it is difficult to understand !
    God bless you as you continue to worship and praise Him through your written words !

  3. haha this really is relatable. I take weeks, even months to post each blog. Get so much joy out of crafting it and then sharing with others though. Love that you classed blogging as a form of worship too πŸ™‚

  4. I’m so glad you pointed out that blogging is worship, and I’m happy that we agree on the food thing! Definitely should be getting free food!

  5. All these points are absolutely true, Anthony. I have at times made over 20 edits to posts before allowing them to go “live.” Words are important to all of us, and as Jonathan C said, writing is our craft. This is a whole different medium than Facebook or Twitter.
    Most of us Christian bloggers take the time to ponder each word in the context of each sentence and every paragraph in order to allow God’s love and light to shine through those words.
    It is a calling, one we find joy and blessings in giving.

  6. Spot on, Anthony! Thanks for taking the time to re-post. πŸ™‚

  7. Very awesome. I know, thought, that sometimes the people I know in “real” life don’t really think of this as a real ministry, with real people involved.

  8. Meant though up there, not thought

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  10. J L Hunt

    Love the points on this…wonderful read πŸ™‚

  11. Hahaha! I love this! I do love blogging for the sake of worship, but I have to admit that I would not turn down a donation. πŸ˜‰ I’m with you on the “muted” surroundings. My young people are constantly asking me questions just so they can laugh about me distractedly saying, “Uh huh, yeah…” to absurd things.

  12. Thank you for writing this. I am a new blogger and this post encouraged me a lot. It is a form of worship and sometimes that can be intimidating to post a new blog. I just need to write and know the real audience is Him. We are just blessed to live in a time we are able to share and support with others.

  13. This post is just awesome on so many levels. You said the things I have been thinking as a Christian Blogger!! Awesome and God Bless!!

  14. Just getting started and appreciate the insight.


  15. Unidentified Believer

    Great Blog! It helps those that don’t understand what we, as bloggers, go through on a daily basis. It is a continual struggle to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That is why scripture says,” And he said to all, β€œIf anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” We have to deny our flesh daily. It is an everyday struggle that many of us face. That is why I love your first statement, “The ability to write is a gift from God; the ability to write well takes work”. I look forward in reading more of your posts. God Bless!


  16. inossi

    I like this especially the part for selective hearing. Being christian doesn’t mean we think in a box

  17. This is FAB!! Loved reading I am an internet missionary…thanks for sharing!

  18. Awesome! I have just started blogging, only a month so far. I truly desire that my gift of writing, mostly poetry (you’ve been warned), would be a fragrant offering to God. Even if no one else reads it:)
    Thanks for sharing:)

  19. Dude! You’re a fanatic! Like, I’m an atheist so this is just weird, man. Plain weird.

  20. I love it good job, I have a scientific blog of my own and I just love to read materials just as mine, that’s great work here.

  21. Thank you for posting this – All Christians are called into the great commission given by Jesus Christ and yes, blogging is a part of that commission. Again, thank you for sharing.

  22. Love the insight on how blogging is a form of worship

  23. Well Anthony, you must work hard because you write very well! Look forward to reading more of your “worship” while getting my own worship on.

  24. I LOVE this. YES. It is our passion and a gift from God. It is one form of being a missionary.

  25. Man I really appreciate the insights you share in this post. Good stuff. Going to meditate on them and see how I am applying them myself. “Donations Welcome”. Awesomeness.

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