A Two-Coffee Day

Brewed from the freshest Arabica beans, one black over ice, the other with cream. 

Both are cold, FYI…and both are mine to drink as I drive. 

A total of twenty-four ounces of java, and all it cost was a few cents and two dolla. 

A little while ago I was feeling a bit tired, but it won’t be long until I’m wired. 

I love my truck stop iced dual portion of caffeinated smiles to drink while in motion! 

It’s just that kind of day. 


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6 responses to “A Two-Coffee Day

  1. Drink while in motion in the UK and you will get a fine and penalty points on your driving licence if caught!

    You are well ahead of us on coffee. I don’t think I have ever tasted coffee like that – and certainly not cold.

  2. I like the school bus in the background. Tonight was Parent/Teacher night #1 (of 2) so had some great BLACK Darjeeling tea this afternoon and just kept going.

  3. roy cavender

    Yeah Boy!!!

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