Anthony’s Appetite #9 (from 2012)

The following post was written following my daughter Haley’s 12th birthday, and that was 4 years ago. This Friday she will be turning the big 16 while at Summit in Dayton, TN.

However, the main reason I am reposting this “Anthony’s Appetite” is because I’ve not written one in several years. I wanted you to know what one looked like, because you can bet your Twinkie I’m going to have something to write about when I get back from Zambia and Zimbabwe 🙂

Store vs. Home

There are some things that are better bought from a store than made at home. I know saying that will make some people angry, but it’s true. I can think of a few things right off the bat…

  • Captain Crunch Cereal – I especially like Crunch Berries.
  • Peanut Butter – sure, you can make it at home, but it gets nasty after a while.
  • Crackers – has anyone ever made a cracker better than a Nabisco Saltine?
  • Nilla Wafers – another winner from Nabisco. Put peanut butter on these and it’s the closest thing to manna from heaven.
  • Instant Coffee – have you ever tried to freeze-dry your own?

Birthday Cake

Last week we celebrated the twelfth birthday of our little Kung Fu queen, Haley. For her party she wanted a cake to coincide with her selected “Ip Man” theme (Ip Man was famous for introducing Wing Chun to the world). We had her picture made on rice paper for decoration, but the best part was the icing.


When it comes to cake icing, my wife makes the best in the world. And so do I – ’cause I used her recipe. She baked the cake for the party, but I mixed the icing.

Included in the recipe is butter, shortening, cream cheese, powdered sugar, and flavoring. This time the flavoring consisted of a mixture of almond and vanilla extract.

Because the cake was fairly large, I had to make a large bowl of icing, part of which needed to be colored pink.

Home Made vs. Canned

You can buy decent cake icing from a store, but it doesn’t even come close to the flavor and quality of what can be made at home. My wife’s cream cheese icing is smoother, creamier, tastier, and moist-ier. As a matter of fact, her icing can even make a bad cake taste better, saving the baker from embarrassment.

If you’d like the recipe, just email me. I’d love to hear from you. Then, come back here to let everyone know how good it actually is.



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2 responses to “Anthony’s Appetite #9 (from 2012)

  1. Funny, I love to bake. Tried making homemade crackers once. Fail lol

  2. Happy birthday to your baby girl! Woo hoo, Sweet 16!

    My baby girl just turned 11 yesterday, so yes, I’m going to be needing that icing recipe you mentioned, lol. I have a son-birthday coming up in a few months and I’m just not 100$ happy with the icing I’ve been using. Could you please send it to vanessence7 at gmail? Thank you so much!

    Safe journeys on your trip coming up!

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