I Worship Me

I Am That Important

I could stay at home and get some more sleep… because, you know, it’s that important.

I could stay at home and watch some TV… because, you know, it’s that important.

I could sleep a little later, then make a special breakfast… because, you know, it’s that important.

I stay at home, wake up later, make a light breakfast, then take a morning jog when there’s no rush… because, you know, it’s that important.

Or, I could just ignore the needs of my fellow believers; I could assume I’m never missed and my absence makes no difference; and I could just brush aside any biblical commands while I hold God hostage to my demands… because, you know, I am that important.

I am… kinda has a nice ring to it, you think?

Yeah, who needs to go to church on Sunday morning, anyway? Especially when I AM the one I worship the rest of the week.

“For men shall be lovers of their own selves…”  – 2 Timothy 3:2


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12 responses to “I Worship Me

  1. Nice, and good morning to you.

  2. Wish everyone could read this Anthony!!!

  3. I really appreciate the part that my decision to NOT go to church has implications for other people, in the sense that what I have to offer is not available.

    • Yep, and if people could only understand the depths of discouragement the rippling effects of their absence can bring. If they only knew how desperately discouraged a pastor can become, they’d come for his benefit if nothing else.

      • I’m thinking that should be one of the personal stipulations going to making a decision whether or not to join a particular congregation, ie, that my presence and participation really does effect the pastor as well.

  4. Deep one…thank you Pst Baker for daring to write it.

  5. Hey e mail me

    My.phone is broken no messenger or numbers


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  7. So much truth in so little words! ~ Blessings ~

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