Common Sense Vehicle Control Needed


Make no mistake, what happened in Nice, France, was an incredible tragedy. My heart breaks for the families of those killed or injured, and I can only imagine the fear that so many there Thursday night were experiencing.

Yes, it was a tragedy, as are all the times innocent lives are taken and innocent people are wounded and scarred for life. But let’s be honest, it was far more than a just a tragedy; it was a symptom of a disease much greater than isolated “lone wolf” outbreaks.

Now, in order to make a point, had what happened in France this week been the result of one using a gun, then the media in the west, especially the White House, would be all over it. Just like when the assassin killed 5 police officers in Dallas, or a year ago tomorrow when a radical Islamic thug killed 5 of our servicemen here in Chattanooga, had the killing in Nice been associated with a gun, the President would have quickly jumped past the condolences and straight to the issue of gun control.

It’s like what Obama’s former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel once said, “Never let a tragedy go to waste.”

The Obvious

Well, then, if guns are to blame for all shootings, then what about automobiles? Believe it or not, far more people die because of auto accidents in America than from being shot with a gun of ANY kind. Why don’t we talk about that?

Here are some questions for you…

  1. Did the driver in Nice have a license to drive that truck?
  2. Did the driver in Nice acquire that truck legally, or illegally?
  3. If the truck was stolen, should the owner of the truck be held responsible?
  4. Who made the truck? Should the maker of the truck be held responsible because of it’s killing capabilities were not limited?
  5. Is it too easy for people to acquire a vehicle legally?
  6. Should vehicle owners be required to store their trucks and cars when not being used?
  7. When not being used, should vehicles be required to have mandated steering wheel locks?
  8. Should used car lots be required to perform background checks on all buyers before handing over the keys? What if they sold a car for $5,000 to a guy with a drunk-driving record?
  9. Should the government be able to require that all vehicles have technology that restricts its use to only the legal owner, and no one else?
  10. Should all auto owners be placed on a criminal database?

The answers to the above questions should be obvious. It should also be obvious what gun control is really all about, and it’s not about saving lives.

If it was about saving lives, we would have more common-sense vehicle control.


In all seriousness, may the God of peace bring peace and comfort to the hurting and afraid in Nice, France. Our thoughts and prayers are with them at this time.



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2 responses to “Common Sense Vehicle Control Needed

  1. Yes. Especially to the post script. The tool is not the terrorist. The nut building a bomb, driving a truck or firing the gun is the terrorist.

    • Today I heard a news report about this. In the report it was pointed out that the terrorist had a handgun in the truck. Ummm, and what did that have to do with anything??? Did he use it to kill anyone? NO! He used a TRUCK! But they just HAD to tell the world he had a gun. Otherwise, I suppose, none of it would have made any sense whatsoever. He had a gun, so he was obviously bad – the gun probably influenced him.

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