General Survey of Understanding and Belief

In the twentieth chapter of Acts, the Apostle Paul called for a meeting with the elders of the church at Ephesus. Knowing the dangers posed by “wolves” from the outside and perverse deceivers on the inside (vs 29-30), He warned them to pay close attention to the things he had taught them. After all, they were responsible for flocks purchased by God with his own blood (v28) – what a thought!

Paul said (v27), “For I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God.” Well, folks, I’ve been pastoring this little flock for nearly 8 years, and I’m afraid I might have left something out. Therefore, I thought this little survey (conducted anonymously) might help me determine some areas where I need to do some “declaring.” I don’t want to be guilty of shunning any of God’s counsel.

Glance over the following survey. How would you answer? (The “U” is for “unsure”)

2o16 General Survey of Understanding and Belief

  1. Jesus became God
    1. When born of a virgin
    2. When filled with the Holy Ghost
    3. When resurrected from the dead
    4. None of the above
  2. How many books in the Bible
    1. 55
    2. 66
    3. 100
  3. There are errors in the Bible because it was written by men. T / F / U
  4. God is
    1. One God, but with three names
    2. Three Gods with one Name.
    3. One God in three Persons.
  5. Jeremiah fought the battle of
    1. Jericho
    2. Nineveh
    3. None of the above
  6. Because Jesus prayed to the Father, that made him less than the Father. T / F / U
  7. You have to be filled with the Holy Ghost to be saved. T / F / U
  8. Where does the Bible say, “Cleanliness is next to godliness”?
    1. Matthew 7:19
    2. Romans 12:1
    3. None of the above.
    4. Unsure
  9. Have you determined your own spiritual gifts? Y / N
  10. Do miracles still happen today? Y / N / U
  11. Christians and Muslims worship the same God, but by different names. T / F / U
  12. Jesus was the first “born again” Christian. T / F / U
  13. Adam and Eve were literal people. T / F / U
  14. Salvation can be lost because man has a free will. T / F / U
  15. We become angels when we die. T / F / U
  16. Everyone will eventually go to heaven, sooner or later. T / F / U
  17. Jesus didn’t physically rise from the dead; He was a spiritual being. T / F / U
  18. Those who have died are
    1. Asleep until the resurrection
    2. In heaven or hell right now
    3. No more – they ceased to exist
  19. The proper day to worship is the Sabbath, but it was changed to Sunday by the Catholic Church. T / F / U
  20. You must be baptized to be saved. T/ F/ U
  21. Abortion is OK until the baby can breathe on its own. T / F / U
  22. The only difference between the religions of the world is how we choose to worship God T / F / U
  23. It is a sin to drink or smoke. T / F / U
  24. The King James Version of the Bible is the only one given by God to the English-speaking world. T / F / U
  25. Modern translations of the Bible deny the Virgin birth and divinity of Christ. T / F / U
  26. God’s power on earth is limited when we don’t give Him permission to use us. T / F / U
  27. We should only pray to God the Father or Jesus, not the Holy Ghost. T / F / U
  28. I feel God is angry or disappointed with me most of the time. T / F / U
  29. It doesn’t matter how you live as long as you love God. T / F / U
  30. Preaching and teaching are pretty much the same thing. T / F / U
  31. There’s a difference between the God of the OT and the God of the NT. T / F / U
  32. I am sure of my salvation. T / F / U
  33. Things I’ve done in the past keep me from being used by God. T / F / U
  34. I feel confident I could show another person how to be saved. T / F / U
  35. People who answer surveys in Church are guaranteed a blessing. T


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2 responses to “General Survey of Understanding and Belief


    Ha, I like the last one.

  2. I’ve been going over the results of this survey. O. M. G. Every pastor should do this…come up with his own questions, or whatever. I was shocked. The ramifications are profound! It proves you cannot take it for granted those sitting in the pews know their Bible, even after it’s been preached year after year. Time to refocus. Evidently I need to cover some things a little better and more often.

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