Two-Decade Daughter

Happy Birthday!

Yes, happy Birthday to my middle daughter, Katie Marie! She has been two decades in this world.

20 years ago I witnessed firsthand the miracle of birth. I did not get sick, or faint, or anything like that. Actually, I held it all together, along with a 35mm camera and an 8mm handheld Sony video recorder (at least I think that’s what I used). I would describe some other things I had to do, but that’s another story entirely.

My wife was wonderful through the whole process of Katie’s birth, never once insinuating anything negative regarding the marital status of my parents at the time of my birth. All she did was scream, sweat, and puuuuuuuush. I know, because I told her to. And then out came the perpetual smiler.

It was Katie’s day of birth, and I remember it well…at least the parts my mind has not blocked.

Katie with nephewdog Henry

Katie with nephewdog Henry

Happy Reminder Day!

Katie’s 20th birthday is also a day to be reminded how old I am getting (just me; my wife doesn’t age). Twenty years ago I was in my late 20’s and had just gotten my first non-bag cell phone (an Erickson flip phone). I could touch my toes with ease, wear smaller sizes of pants, and brush my hair. Now the only hair I brush is on my face and coming out my ears.

The fact that my little baby girl is now 20 is also a horrible reminder of how fast time passes by. It seems just yesterday she was crawling around in a diaper, carrying her bottle around in her mouth as her tiny teeth were latched on to the nipple, looking like a deformed white baby elephant. Her favorite word was “ball,” and as she learned to sing, the word “milk” got inserted at random into every song: “Jesus loves me…milk…this I know, for the Bible…milk…”

College girl selfie.

College girl selfie.

Now Katie is a beautiful young woman who drinks from a straw and rarely crawls around on the floor. These days she looks nothing like a baby elephant, but more like sunshine that blinks. She sings all the time now, too – without mentioning milk.  And, fortunately, she changes her own… she dresses herself.

And she loves Jesus 🙂

Time flies, doesn’t it?


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5 responses to “Two-Decade Daughter

  1. Happy birthday to Katie and congratulations to you.

  2. Sunshine that blinks, what a wonderful thing to say about your daughter.

  3. This was lovely, a nice piece about your daughter. I hope she enjoys her birthday!

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