7 Reasons Why Bald Pastors Are Better

The List Poster

We have a new Director of Missions (DOM) in my county. His name is Dr. Dennis Culbreth, and so far he has been a great blessing to our Baptist association, especially to us pastors.

Dr. Culbreth takes every opportunity to make good use of social media, such as Facebook. Every day he posts helpful hints and strategies from various ministries, websites, and blogs (but not mine – I wonder why?).

Many of the posts to which he links are lists. On any given day you may discover “7 Ways to Impress Your Deacons,” “5 Ways to Destroy Your Church Bus,” or “10 Reasons Why Pastors Should Make More Money than Politicians.” You just never know what he’ll post.

But because Dr. Culbreth is always posting new lists from everybody but me, I think it’s time to provide one which none of those other Lifeway-like ministries are reporting. Time to raise some eyebrows.

7 Reasons Why Bald Pastors Are Better

  1. A bald pastor never has to go to a barber or hair salon. Why is this a good thing? He can save anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a year, thereby reducing the need to pay a higher salary. Also, a manly pastor should never set foot inside a hair salon.
  2. Bald pastors are cleaner pastors.  “And the man whose hair is fallen off his head, he [is] bald; [yet is] he clean.” – Leviticus 13:40
  3. Bald is a sign of leadership. As it has been said before, “The reason some men are bald is because they have their heads out the window driving this planet.” Bald pastors aren’t afraid to lead through the storms of life…unless they wear a wig.
  4. Bald pastors have more brains. Seminary is helpful, but pastors without hair have already demonstrated that their brains have left no room for follicles.
  5. Bald pastors never get into disagreements with dissenters. Just think, no church fights; no church splits; no angry deacons or pushy purse string holders! No, God just sends bears down from the woods…problems solved and a circus for free (2 Kings 2:23-24)!
  6. Bald is beautiful! Isaiah 52:7 declares, “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings…” And since God only shows off the more perfect of His cranial creations, why not hire the complete beauty package? Beautiful from head to toe!
  7. Church buildings remain safe. Just think, having a bald pastor means never having to worry about his righteous indignation turning into a Samson-like catastrophe.

Be thankful for your pastor, but even MORE so if he’s bald! 


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9 responses to “7 Reasons Why Bald Pastors Are Better

  1. Garrett R.

    Haha! This makes me want to join you and get my head shaved!

  2. Your cranial capacity exceeds my expectations. I think your new DOM needs a copy. So what’s his address??

  3. Well, I personally know nothing of this baldness you speak of. Must be a burden.

    Just sayin.


  4. no..a burden is a small bird from burdomia

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