First Video of the Year – But No Monkeys


Even though I plan on consuming more fiber, that’s not what I’m talking about when I say “regularity.” No, I am going to endeavor to post more regularly this year (2016).

If I can manage a post of some kind every day, that will nearly triple my average. However, that means not all of my posts will be super-spiritual, in-depth, near-canon-quality essays capable of lifting your soul to heavenly heights.

Some will be short, stupid, or simply for fun. Something for everyone.

Something for Somebody

So, for the first Monday of the year here is a video. It’s not for everybody, I understand. It’s violent, messy, and childish.

On the other hand, it is creative, cathartic, and…well…childish. Don’t we all need to act a little childish sometimes?

This video is specifically for all of you out there who love explosives, creating things only to destroy them, and plastic toy soldiers. It’s also a video for all of you who just need to get a little frustration out of your system.

My daughter and I made a styrofoam “concrete” building, painted it, put plastic army men in it, invited some friends over on New Year’s Eve, and fired off 144 bottle rockets.



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