Reverse the Decline

Happy 2016, everyone!

I want to make 2016 better than 2015.

Looking back over the numbers I came across two disturbing statistics. One had to do with the number of visits this blog received, the other had to do with views.

Compared with 2014, last year saw a 5% decrease in views and a 7.8% decrease in visits.

My question is this: What can I do to reverse the decline?

What could I do to reach 25,000 views this year? Or more?

I would really like to reverse this decline. Leave a comment below if you have any suggestions.

Thanks a bunch! 


(Would cute animal pictures help?)

Our Christmas granddogs

Granddogs at Christmas. One of them has the “Ohhhhhhh” part down…next is “holy night.”


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9 responses to “Reverse the Decline

  1. I suggest you put posts about why so and so stuff happened in the Bible, ten points about so and so biblical principles, shorter posts…people tend to be fascinated by images, so visually appealing images with scriptures would be helpful. But most importantly pray to God for it!

  2. Happy new year by the way!

  3. Happy New Year Bro Anthony!

    Regularity and pro active interaction have been the keys for me. Apparently I hit almost 50,000 views this year, which was shocking to me LOL.

    Unless life gets badly in the way, as it has for most of December, I post very regularly. It’s pretty much the same thing or same theme every day or certain days of the week. It’s a habit, and some look for it.

    I seek blogs to interact on, to comment on, and read. It can be time consuming, but will get folks to come visit.

    You write great stuff, so you sure want people to come read it.

    • It is hard to find time to post every day. One thing I could do is write more posts in a singular block of time, then schedule them for later. I’ve not been one for quick, short posts, but I guess I should do more of them.

      • Actually, that works really well. I usually do a mass of writing at one time, and schedule it out over the week. And yes, I get what you mean about post length, To me length equals depth. So, I try to mix it up. It seems to work. The short ones arouse interest and maybe they stay for the long ones. I do notice way more views on the single line stuff than the content filled stuff. We live in sound bite world, sadly.

        As I said, I love your longer posts. Great content and always timely and interesting.

    • Commenting on other blogs is a big part, too. I agree with you there.

  4. Similar decline noted on Ebs and Flows. It depends where posts are shared sometimes. The title seems to make a difference. Perhaps people are reading fewer posts? I have a select few that I always read (this one included). But I often wonder if sometimes a post is intended for just one reader?

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