It’s Today, Not Tomorrow. Deal With It!

Stuck on Tomorrow

We all hate getting a song stuck inside our heads, and every day I drive the school bus I run the risk of that happening. Many times I find myself humming or whistling, even singing a random song just to tune out the noise of crumb crunchers.

The other day I got stuck on the well-known and loved-by-all show tune from Annie, “(The Sun Will Come Out) Tomorrow.” I kept singing the main lines over and over, often re-worded to my fit my fancy. One of the little girls sitting behind me asked, “Mr. Baker, why are you so stuck on that song?”

I love it when kids ask me questions…mmmwwaahahaha!

Why Tomorrow?

Yes, a little girl asked me a question, and like the great grandfather I know I will be one day, I unloaded with a barrage of questions the tiny dancer was unprepared to answer.

  • Do you think it’s smart to tell someone you love him when you’ve never even met him or know anything about him?
  • Why would you tell tomorrow you love it, when you don’t know anything about it?
  • How do you know tomorrow will be better than today?
  • What’s so bad about today? I mean, what’s it done that tomorrow won’t?
  • What’s the deal with tomorrow, anyway? Seriously? It’s never here. Never comes. It’s always tomorrow. But today, well, today is here, right where it’s supposed to be. Why not love today? At least today hasn’t left like yesterday, and tomorrow never show up?
  • Do you think Annie should have just been happy with the day she had instead of wishing for things that might never come?
  • Do you really know the sun will come out tomorrow?

I love talking with kids on the bus. Can you tell?

Carpe Diem

In all actuality, there are some really good reasons to have hope in tomorrow. But on the other hand, all we are promised is today, and it might be shorter than you think. Why not seize what you have and be thankful?

“This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” – Psalm 118:24

We won’t have to answer to God for tomorrow, but today is a different bus trip altogether. 



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