2,500 Followers and Bacon

Saturday List

Before I write anything else, I must warn you that my wife has a long list of things for me to complete, such as clean the windows, scrub the floor, clean of my computer desk, and make sure there’s nothing left on the china cabinet but dishes that we never use.

I just wanted to tell you about the list that awaits me because I am typing as fast as I can, all in the attempt to get this post written before my wife finishes breakfast and begins staring daggers through me.

Bad Bacon

Bacon. Yes, bacon.

Bacon. Yes, bacon.

Here’s a totally random question. Bacon…if it’s past the expiration date and slightly turned in color, but doesn’t smell bad, does frying it, thereby causing it to sit in sizzling grease, kill any bacteria or germs? In other words, can carbonized bacon make you sick?

Well, I just ate some. We will see.


Now, to the point of the day: 2,500 followers.

Do I really have 2,500 followers? Technically, no I do not, for as of this writing I am 20 followers shy of the mark. But the real question I have is how many of those followers are actual followers? How many of those nearly 2,500 people actually come behind me, watch my steps, and then walk in the path I am blazing? One? Three?

If the truth be known, many of those called “followers” are not really followers of me, or my blog. Many have only subscribed in order to get me to follow their blogs. Many have subscribed in haste after reading only one interesting post, then never come back. Others follow my blog and what I write in order to find fault, gather evidence, or get a laugh.

So, as I digest my bacon, what is the point I am frantically trying to make before my blogging time for the day is up? I don’t know, really. However, here are a few thoughts…

  • I am glad there are not 2,500 people looking over my shoulder
  • It would be nice if I could manage 2,500 views a day
  • If I really had 2,500 followers, more would question why I take certain paths
  • There is no way on earth I can write something without offending hundreds – if they actually read what I write
  • I want to be a better follower of Christ than I am a “follower” of someone’s blog

No Cross Required

If you want to know what it means to be a REAL follower – a disciple – then be a follower of Jesus Christ. But if you want to follow Jesus, please note that He requires more than a click and an email address.

“…If any [man] will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.” – Matthew 16:24

I am not asking you to give your life to me; no cross is required to follow The Recovering Legalist. But if you do follow my blog, I certainly hope you pick up on Whom I am following, and choose to do the same.

If you’d like to learn more about following Jesus, why not click HERE? 

Time to get on that to-do list my wife has for me. The bacon hasn’t killed me… yet.


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13 responses to “2,500 Followers and Bacon

  1. Don’t get too encouraged. Food poisoning usually takes 12-24 hours. Just sayin.

  2. I think I might have resisted the bacon. But the smell of sizzling bacon is always so good!

  3. Oops. My wife just told me she wants to comment. I’m in trouble.

  4. Dear Honey Baby – This is your WIFE – the one who is cracking the whip and feeding you bacon that was frozen BEFORE the expiration date was out. True it does not have great color, but it does not smell bad. I did have the courtesy to ask you about it because it was you, not me, who was eating it. And the picture of the bacon that was cooked for you this morning looks great! It does not look like anything at all is wrong with it! But you had a subject in which you could spiral off of to start a new post – behind my back as I was laboring in love, cooking your bacon that was perfectly fine.

    Now, get to the list, and do not read anything else to me! I would not have known you wrote this had you not stopped your chores at hand and taken time out to read to me! Hugs and Kisses…. but this clean kitchen and the sparkling windows will make a happy home and a great environment for you to study (and blog) and read books to us and play for us music in.

  5. Chris Jordan

    Congratulations on the almost 2,500 followers! As a pastor, teacher or blogger, we have to simply do our part – sow the Word, and God will do the rest (read Isaiah 55 – His Word will not return void!). Trust that as you do your part and post your messages, that the Holy Spirit will draw the right people to read them at the right time to encourage or challenge them. Amen! p.s. I had bacon and pancakes for breakfast today, yum yum!

  6. I only follow to find fault.

  7. Still, you never know who is a real reader and who browses when you post something that interests us! Keep doing you! 🙂

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