Mr. Monkey Meets Freaya

Children Will Beg

Some of the kids on my school bus are now driving me crazy with my own songs! Literally, they get on the bus singing them and they get off the bus singing them. What songs am I talking about? Songs from my Monday Monkey videos.

Which one do they sing the most? “Whadaya Do When Your Monkey Has the Hiccups?” If I’ve heard “whack ’em in the the head with a Barbie doll” once, I’ve heard it a hundred times.

Yet, more than just songs are heard on a daily basis. They ask me, “When are you going to make another monkey video, Mr. Baker?” Nearly every day I hear it. I must appease them.

A New Video

So, after a long absence, Mr. Monkey is back with a new Monday Monkey video. It is a short little video – more of a commercial, I suppose – introducing our new (yet sadly temporary) family member, Freaya. She is a foreign exchange student from Montana (at least that’s what I tell people to throw them off).

As we see it around here, if you want to be part of this family, you must appear in at least one Monday Monkey video. The more the better – at least from my perspective.

Now, the next thing is to figure out what to do next. Maybe Mr. Monkey will have a taste of the seasoned seaweed Freaya brought with her? Maybe Freaya can teach Mr. Monkey how to use chopsticks instead of a fork?

Do you have any suggestions? I’m having screenwriter block.

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One response to “Mr. Monkey Meets Freaya

  1. Maybe Freaya can teach Mr. Monkey a new song?! 😎

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