My Predictions

I Listened

After listening to the arguments before the Supreme Court of the United States, I believe, unless God moves on the hearts of 5 of the Justices, same-sex marriage will become recognized as a Constitutional right. More Justices than not continually stressed that “marriage is a Constitutional right,” so why restrict it? One Justice – Kennedy, I believe – even suggested that not allowing a woman to marry a woman would be equal to “sexual discrimination.”

Supreme Court

Because I believe the SCOTUS will rule against the States, based on what I would call nothing more than a “fairness” bias, there will be substantial immediate and long-term consequences for our culture, especially for Christians.


The following are only the predictions that first come to mind. I am confident this list will not be all-inclusive.

  • Vulgar celebrations will commence. The in-your-face LGBT crowd will celebrate with exuberant joy, much like what happened in the spirit world when Christ breathed his last breath on the cross. It will be demonic, like most gay-pride parades are.
  • Marriage will be devalued forever. When this ruling comes, marriage will never be the same, for the whole purpose behind this movement is not simply to gain access to marriage, but to destroy it.
  • Litigation will go through the roof. After this ruling comes, one that declares marriage a fundamental right to whomever, every form of relationship will claim equal status. And because of that, trial after trial will ensue until multiple partners, animals, and farm equipment enjoy the same “equal protection under the law.”
  • Pastors will become prime targets. As much as some want to say this won’t happen, I believe it totally will. As with Christian bakeries, photographers, and florists, pastors who refuse to marry gay couples will be accused – no, convicted – of everything from sexual discrimination to hate crimes. Because it will come to the point where a pastor must violate his beliefs or go to jail, he will be targeted by those who have always wanted him to suffer for his beliefs. I predict this with utter confidence.
  • Churches and Christian colleges and institutions will be forced to close. Let’s face it, this is one of the results many in the gay community are salivating over. When this ruling is passed, the next step will be to mandate that Churches and Christian colleges change their bylaws and guidelines or, at the least, lose their tax-exempt status. For many, this will force closure. For example, if my little church was forced to all of a sudden have to pay property tax on our sanctuary and gym and fellowship hall we would have to close the doors – we don’t bring in that much revenue. It will happen, believe me.

So, in a nutshell, those are a few of my predictions. However, the cultural ramifications are probably incalculable.

But on a positive note, God is still God, the Righteous Judge, and His law will stand long after Washington D.C. is dust.

Help us, dear God, to stand strong in love, but “having done all, to stand” (Eph. 6:13). 

Update: Below is a link to a Wednesday evening service at my church where I preached a message based on the above post.

Click on the picture to hear the sermon I preached.

Click on the picture to hear the sermon.



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8 responses to “My Predictions

  1. David

    I think churches should be ready to stand. If that means losing tax exemptions so be it. No compromise. We do not have to obey the courts if they act in direct opposition to God’s laws. The question is this, will we have courage?

    • I pray to God we do. Many won’t. The tax exempt thing has always been a mixed blessing, but the tax issue will also be used against ministers, too. Housing allowance write off? Say bye.

      • David

        This is true. But we must be strong. It is nothing compared to what our brothers and sisters in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, and other countries of the like have to endure.

      • Oh, that is very true! We are certainly blessed beyond measure. But this could lead more to a corrupt, compromising church (even more than it already may be). Of course, it will also separate the wheat from the chaff, too.

      • David

        I couldn’t agree more. There are many false teacher’s these days. Not that any of this should surprise us, it’s exactly what Scripture said would take place.

  2. David

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  3. david andre davison

    I am hoping and praying that by a 5-4 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court will determine that marriage is defined by the state. I expect the second issue, reciprocity to be the sticky one.

    The court has seen many issues come and go. This is a recent issue and I don’t see the justices racing in to change it just yet. By throwing it back at the states, they will be able to reserve taking sides on the moral and religious judgments.

    Again, a gut feeling of mine, but maybe more hope than reality.

    If they rule in favor of same-sex couples, I believe it will begin a downward spiral of moral decay in this country. Oh well, we Christians believe Jesus is coming back soon. Maybe it’s sooner than we think! God Bless!

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