Wednesday Monkey

It has been a while, and a few of you have been asking, so I figured I shouldn’t waste an opportunity for Mr. Monkey to play in the snow.

The only problem? I had to get out in the snow with him – and get snowed on.

So, here it is…totally unscheduled and impromtuitiously made…a new Monday Monkey video…

…on a Wednesday.

Oh, and that’s my school bus in the background. Think I’ll be driving it tomorrow? Are you kidding?! This is the South!


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6 responses to “Wednesday Monkey

  1. Mr. Monkey said lets make a snowman, Anthony

  2. Disturbing, considering many men use “monkey” as a euphemism for their….

    • I will allow this comment, but only because it was obviously submitted with good intentions. The truth, however, is that the monkey puppet in the video is a toy that has been in my family for over 30 years. I put it to use early on to help grow this blog by adding some light-hearted content. “Mr. Monkey” was meant to be a tool to aid in reaching others with the truth of the gospel of grace – but then “tool” is also a common euphemism, so I guess I can’t win.

      • Loosen sphincter, enjoy life more.

      • I was in the snow videoing myself with a puppet monkey…I wouldn’t exactly call that having my panties in a wad.

        Seriously, I get a lot of comments; some are nice, others only so-so. There are still others that are flat out angry and offensive. Yours was hard to understand, especially being that I had no previous context with which to compare. If you have a good sense of humor, which it appears you may have, I’ll know better how to respond the next time you comment.

        But with regards to the “sphincter,” a tight one would be necessary for me should I ever attempt to follow you up the side of one of your mountains 😉 Otherwise, I’d have to change my drawers.

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