I’m a Baker, Too


Did you ever have other kids make fun of your name when you were young? I did. They always made fun of me because of my last name – Baker.

Smart aleck (sp?) brats with more dirt under their fingernails than brains in their heads would say things like, “Hey, Tony Baker! Let’s call you Bony Taker! You gonna take my bones?” Others would make fun of my name by asking, “Hey, Anthony, why don’t you bake us a cake?”

First, my name is not Tony; it’s Anthony. Second, I don’t bake. Third, in a day when people are getting away with crazy stuff, don’t ask anybody to take your bones…not a good idea.”

Fortunately for me, Howard Baker came along.

Howard Baker

Senator Howard H. Baker, Jr. (1925-2014)

Senator Howard H. Baker, Jr. (1925-2014)

On Thursday morning I learned of the passing of one of Tennessee’s more famous sons, former Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker. He was 88 years old.

Politically speaking, Senator Baker (nicknamed the “Great Conciliator”) was not exactly a shining conservative star. But even though he was no Ronald Reagan, he was, however, a decent human being with the same last name as mine, and that alone made him a hero of mine when I was a child.

Yes, when some kids would make fun of my last name, asking who else would have a silly last name like mine, I’d just point them to Howard Baker, Senator, Reagan’s Chief of Staff.

Then came Jim and Tammy Faye…

Howard and I only have ONE “k” in our last name, thank you very much!

R.I.P., Senator Baker. Thank you for helping me survive elementary school.

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