A “New Age”

It Was the 90’s

It’s the dream of many young people to have a garage band. A few of them actually put a band together that can crank, get in gear, and drive out of the garage.

rockersBack in the late 80’s and early 90’s my sister and I had a band called “Mirror Image.” We came on to the scene at a time when musical styles were in the process of changing and popular Christian music was still trying to find itself. Stylistically, we were either too early, too late.

Nevertheless, our final incarnation, consisting of my sister, Rebecca (keyboard & vocals), Steve Castlen (drums), Jody Gould (guitar), and myself (bass), was a locally popular band that, at least, made a small impact on eternity. Our music was original (either written by Rebecca, myself, or the group), fun, and intended to reach a younger generation with the gospel of Christ. As a result, more than a few young people came to know Jesus as their Savior.

A Different Century

mirror image bandIt’s now 2014, Mirror Image is no more, and all of the band members have gone on to other things. Rebecca is now Rebecca Gomes and lives in Germany; Jody Gould owns Battlefield Recording Studio and runs sound for the influential Brainerd Baptist Church; Steve Castlen is a certified apologist in Nashville; and I am here, preaching and remembering our youth.

But even though it’s been over 20 years since Mirror Image was rock’n the stage, those of us here in the States (sorry, Rebecca), have teamed up again. This time we are working on Katie’s (my daughter) first single.

Despite our age…despite my lack of hair…despite the fact that Steve (Captain America) is more “built” now than then – which is irritating…the creative forces which drove our talents in the early years have only gotten better. Maturity has it’s benefits.

An Old Song

You are going to be unbelievably impressed with Katie’s song, “It’s Beautiful.” Our intent is to have it receive national attention and airplay, who knows? But in the meantime, I have something unique and special for you to listen to. Click on the link below and listen to a song Mirror Image recorded – believe it or not – on a cassette recorder in a brick-walled Sunday school classroom.

The song (which I wrote) is called “New Age.” It talks about how many religions and cults point toward a coming day when the world will enter a “new age” of peace, understanding, and oneness. The only problem? All those who dogmatically worship one God must be “taken out” of the world, one way or another. The New Age, the Paradigm Shift, none of it can come as long as Christians are still in the world. Ironically, Christians believe the same thing.

“New Age”

(Written by: Anthony Baker; Performed by: Mirror Image)

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  1. That kind of song is my jam!

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