Arguing for Infanticide?

WARNING! The following subject may be unsuitable for some people. If you support abortion you will probably be offended, so just go click something on the Huffington Post’s website. If not that, go watch a video of Bill Mayer bashing Christians, or something. Just understand, this is a WARNING from a pro-life Christian that what I am about to say will not make Planned Parenthood supporters very happy.

(Maybe we’ll get to some more lighthearted posts next week.)

Post-Birth Abortion?

What I am about to share with you goes beyond anything I’ve ever seen. Even those of you who are “pro-choice” should recognize that a line dividing humanity from devils is being crossed.

The video you are about to watch is not new, but it shows a woman by the name of Alisa LaPolt Snow, a lobbyist representing the Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates, defending the murder living, breathing, pain-feeling, on-the-table-kicking babies. I recently saw this on a Facebook post and decided I had to comment.

It’s Murder

I don’t know how else to define taking the life of a living, breathing, baby but cold-blooded murder. There is no other sensible way to describe it.

And you know what, dear readers, it doesn’t matter a hill of beans what circumstances surround the birth or what may potentially come of the child in question. None of us know what tomorrow holds, so since it is possible we might end up in a vegetative state after a car accident, should we just go ahead and commit suicide? Who are we, then, to commit murder based on what type of life a child may or may not have in the future?

The final questioning in this video had to do with whether or not an abortion doctor should be required to provide transportation to a medical facility for a baby born alive. All Ms. Snow could say was “what if it’s 45 minutes away?”

God help us, people! How calloused can we be?! How could people just sit there with no emotion as a blooming idiot representing Planned Parenthood could deny she knows what happens in an abortion clinic? How could they not rise up with indignation and throw her out of the court room when she admits the thought of the baby actually being the patient was something she had not considered, but was worthy of further discussion?!!

But, you know, why should we criticize Alisa LaPolt Snow and Planned Parenthood? They are, after all, only following in the steps of the great universal health care provider himself, President Obama. Consider the following audio from the Illinois State Senate in 2003. Here Senator Obama makes essentially the same argument as Ms. Snow, but much more eloquently.

The sad fact is that a fetus outside the womb is a baby. If that baby is breathing and moving, it is alive. The question of “viability” is no longer part of the equation. To let it die, or to kill it, is without question, except in the mind of those who desire no accountability, murder.

Again, God help us.


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4 responses to “Arguing for Infanticide?

  1. Reblogged this on The Critical Eye and commented:
    Though I tend to be not a participant of this debate, I think Anthony has a very good point, this needs to be read.

  2. Reblogged this on Articles,blogs,books,videos,etc. and commented:
    COLD BLOODED MURDER !! Planned Parenthood is an EVIL organization of very heartless, selfish depraved people. Doctors who perform abortions are the epitome of EVIL. (even worse than a serial killer) They will be going to a place called HELL without a doubt.
    God help us, How inhumane can we be?!
    American’s have slaughtered 60 million of it’s own by CHOICE, for selfish, INSANE reasons. God is JUST-We Will be JUDGED!–jlingle
    Wake up America — Abortion is MURDER- Thou Shall Not Kill!

  3. In the 18th century Jonathan Swift wrote “A Modest Proposal” suggesting the eating of offspring in satirical response to overpopulation/famine which most high school or college students still study. But it was exactly that, satire. When did humans become so inhuman, inhumane?? So self-centered we no longer can even realize what we are doing?

  4. ugh…this just makes my heart break and a sickening pit in my stomach. God help us.

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