Playing on the Bridge

“Daddy, can I?”

Every time I hear those words I wince. One reason is because it should be “may I,” instead of “can I“. The other reason is because I don’t know what is coming next.

Usually, whenever I hear the words, “Daddy can I,” others words follow that demand I either exhibit my Superman-like powers and Solomon-like wisdom, or pretend to be Bill Gates.

  • “Daddy, can I get the new iPhone when it comes out?”
  • “Daddy, can I go on a mission trip around the world next week?”
  • “Daddy, can I go shoe shopping?”
  • “Daddy, can I hang a punching bag in my room?”
  • “Daddy, can I have a motorcycle?”

Unfortunately, many times I have to tell my girls, “No.” They’ve become accustomed to disappointment.

On the Bridge

However, this time one of my girls had a request that I couldn’t deny. Katie asked me, “Daddy, can I go play on the bridge?” It didn’t cost money…We didn’t need a permit…The weather wasn’t bad…How could I say, “no”?

So, while my wife took Pampered Chef orders from other parents as she waited for Haley (our youngest) to finish her Wing Chun class, Katie and I took the car a few block down the road to the Walnut Street bridge.

katie on the bridgeOnce we found a parking place fairly close, we unloaded the guitar and walked about a hundred yards out onto the bridge. We then found a nice little place to sit, unpacked the guitar, and Katie started playing.


What was really a blessing was to see my daughter doing what she loved to do without any fear. As total strangers walked or ran by, she kept playing and singing. But you see, she wasn’t just playing for others to hear; she just wanted to play on the bridge. If people heard her, and if they like what they heard, then that was just icing on the cake.

How often do we just get out and do what we love to do, no matter what others think of us? Just think, if we did, some might like what they hear. But as long as we keep to ourselves, strumming behind closed doors, we miss the joy of playing on bridges. And if you never play on any bridges, you probably won’t make any, either.


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2 responses to “Playing on the Bridge

  1. Excellent! Love the writing, love the thought, love the parenting, love the picture.

  2. How true is the point – let’s just get out and play, whether with words, photos, friends, family or guitars!

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