Choose Your Topic (Warning)

Warning: The following subject material may be offensive to some. Please be advised.

Choice of College

As a parent, I believe the choice of the college or university to which you plan to send your children is a critical choice to make. What they will learn there can have incalculable ramifications. That is why my daughter will not be attending many places deemed “the best,” including the University of Tennessee at Knoxville (even though we live in Tennessee and are not Crimson Tide fans).

No, my two girls who still live at home will not being going to U.T., or any other school like it, as long as the money from tuition goes to fund things like Sex Week. If I am going to be giving any money to fund my daughters’ educations, it won’t be going to help teach young “adults” how to be more sexually expressive, especially with the same sex. Ain’t happening.

Held Hostage!

One young person (presumably a college student who now knows everything about being an adult) accused me of holding my daughters “hostage” for not spending my hard-earned dollars on the college of their choice. I was told that I was being a bad parent because I did not respect her right to do as she wished.

News Flash! It is a parent’s job to say “NO!” every once in a ….scratch that…. It’s a parent’s job to say “NO!” a whole LOT of times. As long as my children (and that is the operative word) are living in my house, eating my food, using my electricity, driving my cars, and dressing in clothing I paid for, by golly I have a say in where they go and what they do and who they do it with! I am a parent, for Christ’s sake (literally), not a best friend or “bud”!

Choice of Topics

What got me on this subject? It was a Fox News article detailing how student fees at UT are going to be funding the hosting of, among others, a lesbian bondage expert (Sinclair Sexsmith) during Sex Week. According to the info packet you can view HERE,  “getting laid” is “an urgently needed discussion” among the educated elite.

Evidently, the wisdom and insight of Sinclair Sexsmith, author of the Sugarbutch Chronicles and one “who studies critical feminist & gender theory, sexual freedom, social change activism, archetypes, and the tantric and buddhist spiritual systems,” is a voice that must be heard by our already over-sexed generation.

So, if you choose to attend one of the lectures being offered during the first week of April (fools?), you might be able to hear her, along with several other “urgently needed” topics of discussion. Speakers and topics include…

  •  Reid Mihalko – Getting Laid (Rape Culture); Hook-Up Culture on
    College Campuses; Personal Motivational Speech on
  •  Sinclair Sexsmith – Messing Around with Gender; Literary Workshop
  • Charlie Glickman – Sex Positivity; Queer as a Verb; The Performance of Masculinity
  • Shanna Katz – Disability and Sex; Body Image
  • The Mayhems – Sexual Consent/Communication; Non-monogamy


How do I conclude a post like this? How do I prepare for the onslaught of comments (don’t I wish, right?)?

What will I be called? Hmmm, probably a ____ of a ____ and a ____ who doesn’t know my ___ from a hole in the ground. Of course, if parents respond, and not a bunch of morally relativistic twenty-somethings who know how to rule the world with anarchy, other words may be used. Words like, “Amen, brother!”

Seriously, if you think that your offspring have not learned enough about sexual perversion from movies, music, MTV, and the internet, not to mention their friends, go with them to events like this. You’re paying for it, so you might as well learn something, right?

God help us.

“Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.” – Mark 8:38



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11 responses to “Choose Your Topic (Warning)

  1. Reblogged this on a simple man of God and commented:
    For all you parents out there. I agree with Anthony’s response. Fully.

  2. Anthony, Our LORD shall bless you. My prayers are with you, THANK-YOU for being a real man of God, Amen.

  3. Mike Turner

    Amen brother! Having raised two daughters myself,I can honestly say that we need more Godly men who will try to raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.Not in the ways of the culture or the government. Praise God for giving you the strength to stand for right.

  4. Times sure have changed since I was in college. Wow. Worst of all, it doesn’t sound like fun. It sounds like this is taking all the fun and romance out of the experience.

  5. Just throwing this out there…

    Maybe have some faith in skill as a parent and let your daughter be her own person and choose, on her own, where she goes to school?

    And maybe she wants to got to UTK and study business or nursing. That doesn’t mean she has to participate in Sex Week. And what’s more…maybe she would be a force for good on campus. You know, join a Christian organization on campus…like this one:

    I dunno. I’ve always found that telling people WHAT to think instead of HOW to think is a noxious scenario.

    • Thanks for the toss, Andrew. I’ll catch it and throw it back (but it will only be a soft ball).

      My daughter is her own person, and she does have a choice in the college she goes to. The only catch is that if she wants me to pay anything, then I have certain standards. Fortunately for me (and her), she already has a short list of places she wants to go, and none are universities I would balk at (except when it comes to distance – I would like to keep her closer, you understand).

      Now, I went to UTC back in the 80’s. There was stuff going on then that I didn’t approve of, but, like you suggested, I was involved in Christian student organizations. I did not have to participate in anything of which I disapproved. But now that I have grown a little, and have a choice for what I will pay, I would rather give money to an institution that is less likely to allow such things as “sex week.” Does that mean that I think others who are going there are wrong for doing so? Who am I to judge them? That’s between them and God (or whatever they believe).

      Could Katie be a force for good on campus? I believe so. And if it comes down to the point where she does go to a place like UT, then I know she will.

      On a final note, let me say that I NEVER tell people what to think, not even when I preach from the pulpit. I never tell my girls what to think, either. Now, don’t get me wrong – I do try to make my beliefs clear. However, I am the first to say that I don’t know everything, and the wisest thing for anyone to do is “try the spirits” (1 John 4:1). If you remember, the Bereans were called “more noble” because they took the time to fact-check the Apostle Paul’s teachings to see “whether those things were so” (Acts 17:11). My girls know how to inductively study Scripture, so if I say something that gets their attention, they are quick to call me on it.

      Oh, there is one more thing – I have never liked UTK, anyway. The final straw was when (then governor) Lamar Alexander said more state funds would be going to the “real” schools like UT, not ones like UTC. What an insult!

  6. Thanks for using your voice on this issue, Anthony!

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