Crazy Statements

Things I’ve Heard

I know you have heard crazy things that people say, even though the people saying those things think what they are saying is brilliant. Here are just a few that I have heard…

– “If you don’t stop crying, I’m gonna give you something to cry about.” Really? If I was already crying, did I not have something to cry about?

– “It’s pretty complicated until you understand it, then it’s pretty simple.” I literally heard a nursing instructor say this to a student as I was walking through a hospital.

– “If we just keep flying the fuel will burn off and then it will level out.” O. K. Yep, that’s a great idea. And that is exactly what my father-in-law told me after we had taken on fuel and were flying funny.

– “If you want to learn to swim, just jump in.” As much as I loved my dad, I never understood the logic of that one.

– “How are you doing today?” Well, if I was asked that question on a street corner, or in the middle of nowhere, I might understand. But when I am asked that question by a doctor while I am lying on an emergency room table, what am I supposed to say, “Fine?” Typically I say, “Well, if I were doing well I wouldn’t be here, now would I?”

The Craziest of All (at least recently)

But recently I have been hearing a crazy statement being uttered by seemingly thoughtful and intelligent Americans. They say it like it is supposed to make sense, but it doesn’t. They think it is a statement which exhibits wisdom, moral clarity, and profundity on the level of King Solomon himself.

Maybe you have heard it. Maybe you have even been tricked into saying it. Maybe, without you knowing it, aliens implanted little devices in your brain while you were sleeping, so you can’t help yourself. It goes like this…

“I refuse to vote, because voting for the lesser evil is still voting for evil; therefore, if the greater evil wins, at least my conscience will be clear, because I did not vote for either.”

Save yourself! Seek help, immediately! Making crazy statements like this could be a sign that your brain is shutting down.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”



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10 responses to “Crazy Statements

  1. I think if people choose to abstain for personal reasons, that’s their business. It’s the people who don’t vote who haven’t given it a moment’s consideration that really irk me.

    Personally, I am voting for Gary Johnson. I’ve always voted Republican, but I can’t stomach the Romneydirectional platform of the GOP ticket.

    Gov. Johnson has an actual proven record of budget balancing, legislation vetoing, and just general common-sense and liberty-minded approach to governance. So, he gets my vote this year.

    • Well, Andrew, at least you are going to vote. It’s the ones who won’t vote simply because they can’t have the perfect candidate that irritates me.

      By the way, aside from our disagreements, thank you for serving our country in military. I tried to get in twice, but was turned down both times for glaucoma – which I don’t have. The first time I was turned down was a year to the day before the first gulf war.


  2. Anthony, You know my main thing is to get men praying in unity. To add to your Crazy statements list when I ask men of God to join together in prayer I get #1: That is your calling not mine. Whatever! James

  3. I like Goya’s famous painting better “The sleep of reason breeds monsters”. It echoes what you are saying.

    • Better said, “Reason that sleeps breeds Better said, “Reason that sleeps breeds monsters.” The original statement comes across as saying, “Reason is pointless and puts one’s mind to sleep – a ‘parlor pink’, if you will.” Most people use their mind just enough to shoot from the hip, but then have the audacity to tell someone who actually employs reason to think things through, “You think too much.” There is no such thing as thinking too much, only erred and destructive thought. Where there is no thought, nothing is built – only destroyed. Where there is no reason, nothing built is without contradiction. Where there is no truth, reason degrades logic, and ideas grow cancerous.
      Without reason there are no reasons, only one’s opinion that seeks to replace truth with itself..

  4. I never have liked the saying “God only helps those who help themselves.” In reality, God only help those who realize they can not help themselves and run to Him.

  5. heather joy

    My mom always used to use the “keep crying and I’ll give you something to really cry about” line on my brother and I. It was scary.

    • Actually had a girl on my school bus today that made me think about that line. She was screaming and balling (red face and tears) because another little girl accused her of saying the other little girl’s dog was stupid. Really!?

      I lost my patience with her, but I won’t go into how I told her I knew she was just trying to get attention and she needed to zip it before I turned around, drove back to the school, and dropped her in the principal’s lap.

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