Needing Inspiration

Too Much

Over the last few weeks I have had so much on my plate. If you could picture a platter, one with food falling off the side and onto the floor, that’s my life. There’s just a little too much going on.

Well, it might be more of a case of poor prioritizing. When I read of some of the greats of the past, I am ashamed at how little I have accomplished in my 40+ years. Maybe my plate is too full because poorly stacked chicken salad sandwiches take up more space.

Too Much Input

Then, there is the fact that over the last few weeks I have spent hours upon hours studying for a paper I was writing. The volume of material through which I waded nearly caused my little brain to short circuit. On top of that, I preached and wrote posts for Too much to absorb.

On a side note, I returned 14 books to the library, today. All of them were late, and at 25 cents a day it cost me $33.50!

Where to find Inspiration?

So, with my brain fried, I knew I needed to write, but I couldn’t think of any ideas. I needed inspiration. That’s when I turned to the best place to find conversation starters – the news.

Yes, when all else fails, and you can’t think of anything worth blowing your top over, check out the news channels, the local paper, or whatever. That’s what I did! Boy, did I find a winner!

Pilot Error

I came across the story of an Air Force pilot who crashed his F-22. His plane quit providing him air to breath, so he passed out and crashed. Simple? No. The Air Force blamed him for being distracted. No joke!

Capt. Jeff Haney was flying the Air Force’s next-generation stealth F-22 Raptor on a routine training mission in Alaska in November 2010 when a sudden malfunction cut off his oxygen completely. Capt. Haney never made a distress call but took his plane into a dive and, a little over a minute later, crashed into the winter wilderness at faster than the speed of sound.

After a lengthy investigation, an Air Force Accident Investigation Board could not find the cause of the malfunction but determined “by clear and convincing evidence” that in addition to other factors, Haney was to blame for the crash because he was too distracted by his inability to breathe to fly the plane properly [emphasis added].

Can you believe that? Seriously? I would have been a little distracted too, I guess. “Hey, uh, don’t bother me with all those details, folks, I have a little problem I’m dealing with…. I CAN’T BREATH!”

That was all the inspiration I needed.

Give Me Air

This is air I breath
This is air I breathe
Your holy presence
Living in me

And I … I’m desparate for you
And I … I’m lost without you

– Mercy Me

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  1. It’s better the more times you read or sing it. 🙂

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