Proverbial Thought

Hey, everybody! This will make two posts in the same day, but it’s worth it.

Many of you are not aware of Proverbial Thought, a new blog created as an online devotional and commentary on the book of Proverbs. If you have not seen it, I wish you would check it out, then tell others.

Wisdom, true wisdom, comes from God. Proverbs is full of wisdom. The problem is that too few people read Proverbs, much less think about how to apply the wisdom contained to modern life. Our goal is to get people back into the book, reading it from a fresh perspective, and putting what is learned to everyday use.

I have pulled together some great people who contribute to Proverbial Thought. Each one brings a different perspective to the scripture.

My hope is that this blog will catch on and be a source of inspiration for hundreds, if not thousands of people every day. Why not subscribe, then forward a link to a couple of friends. One day the seeds planted will result in a harvest, if not here, in heaven.

This is a screen shot from April 14. Notice the contributors. They are from all over the globe, and more are coming on board in the weeks ahead.


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5 responses to “Proverbial Thought

  1. You’ve done really well with this blog Anthony and what a wonderful blessing it will be to many! I will share it as much as I can 🙂

    It looks like you’ve pulled together some very insightful and wonderful writers to join you on this journey so far and my apologies for not getting back to you regarding being one of the contributors. This is something I would very much like to be a part of, but I don’t know how to yet, until the path becomes smoother for my child and I.

    May each of you (as writers) be guided by the Holy Spirit as you help further the walks of your readers in their faith towards His Kingdom.

    • You just let me know when you’re ready. You have insight into things that I know very few others can comprehend. And if all you would like to do is one hear or there, that’s fine. I was just so touched by your testimony that I know your two cents would be worth more than pennies to so many.

      God bless!

      • You humble me greatly Anthony ~ thank you. I will keep it in prayer and thought and I really appreciate all your support and encouragement. God bless you too my friend!

    • Kim

      I believe that we as minertiss of media and technology must have a vision for that ministry. I also believe that vision must be in accordance with the vision of the senior pastor. In my case I certainly had a vision for using media and technology but I first had to cast that vision to the pastoral staff before proceeding onto building a team and casting the vision to them. Many times it is not that pastors are not interested in using technology but they fear it because they don’t understand. It is not easy to learn how to explain technology in non-technical terms but we must in order to unified in our vision for the church as a whole.Good post! Thank you!

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