Defining a Fool

April Fools Day

Today was the first time I actually preached a sermon on April Fool’s Day. Can you guess what it was about? Can you guess what I discussed?

Even though atheists think we are being smug and “snarky” by quoting Psalm 14:1, I believe the one who thinks there is no God really is a fool. But what I think matters little in the scheme of things. What matters to me is what God thinks. That is why I came up with a list.

What is a Fool?

What is a fool?  Believe it or not, Scripture lists several characteristics of a foolish person. The following is not an exhaustive list, but it’s a good start. So, why not do this Jeff Foxworthy-style?  

You might be a fool if…

  1. You are always right in your own eyes (Pr 12:15).
  2. You despise instruction (Pr 1:7; 15:5).
  3. You are unteachable (Pr 17:10; 23:9; 26:11)
  4. You’re always running your mouth, getting into trouble (Pr 29:11; 18:6-7).
  5. You are always trying to find yourself (Pr 18:2).
  6. You make fun of sin (Pr 14:9).
  7. You’re always meddling in other people’s business (Pr 20:3).
  8. You are a shame and a burden to your parents (Pr 17:25).
  9. You deny the obvious because the truth is inconvenient (Ro 1:18-22).
  10. You deny Jesus because you think the cross is foolish (1 Cor 1:18).

Don’t be a fool.


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2 responses to “Defining a Fool

  1. Funnily enough our pastor also preached on being a fool – as in being a fool for Christ, compared with the fool who says “there is no God.”

  2. If someone would match all 10 of these criteria that would make him 100% a fool? I think I am 10-20% fool. 🙂

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