Graduation: 1963

While I was studying and doing research for a paper (the proposal is due Sunday night and I can’t even decide on the subject), my wife was going through some boxes. She found something very interesting.

I thought it was worth sharing.

My father, Terry L. Baker, graduated from Kirkman Technical High School on May 26, 1963. Would you like to make comparisons to baccalaureate services of today? Check out the parts that are underlined.

What would the A.C.L.U. say?!

The Program

Place of baccalaureate service: Red Bank Baptist Church

Prelude: The Heavens are Telling

Processional:God of Our Fathers

Invocation: Pastor Ralph Norton

The Invocation Response: G. P. da Palestrina

Solo: “Just for Today” (by a student)

Scripture Reading: by Class of 1963 President of the Miracle Book Club

Congregational Hymn: “O Worship the King”

Solo: “One God” (by a student)

Baccalaureate Message: The Rev. Dr. Ralph Norton

“The Lords Prayer”: (read by a student)

Bennediction: Dr. Ralph Norton

How much of this would be allowed today? Who would go to jail for these horrible crimes against humanity? Over 220 graduates and their families went to this service, and not one complained.



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4 responses to “Graduation: 1963

  1. My school got away with Scripture readings and a prayer, but we were also a small, country school. When I tell people my graduating class was barely 72, some of them are amazed. I have met people from smaller schools, and even that seems small by what it is today, 11 years after my graduation. This year’s class is blowing away that number (the highest until two years ago!): 185. Last year’s was just 89.

    Anywho, it is becoming more rare, it is true.

  2. Kevin Miller

    I wish times were like that now. You can’t even say Merry Christmas without fear of offending someone or getting involved in a lawsuit.

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