Out of the Mouths of Babes

Why is it that so many place such a high premium on what children say? Why should we “listen to the children?” Sure, every once in while they say something cute or insightful, but on a regular basis? Get real. They may be short, but we’re not talking about Yoda. Youth is not a prerequisite to wisdom.

Buy Your Own House

This morning I was driving my bus full of children and one decided to share his “wisdom” with me. According to this young man, a fifth grader, it was better to not buy a house together, or share your money with your wife (if you get married). Why? “Because your wife may end up becoming a prostitute and kick you out and make you pay alimony.”

I can only pray for that poor boy. Where is he learning that stuff? Is this what he thinks of all women? Is this what he thinks of marriage? What kind of future do we have if kids like that keep growing up and taking over? He is definitely NOT a child I want to listen to.

If Children Ruled the World

But there are those who swear that true wisdom can be found in the words of young children. Forget the need for a lifetime of experience, listen to the wisdom of those who just learned to wear pull-ups and cut their own meat. If we did what the bleeding-hearts wanted us to do – listen to the children – where would we be right now?

* No one would ever work, except those that need to work so that others would not have to work.

* Every day would be Christmas, Halloween, and summer vacation.

* There would be peace on earth and no more wars – except when someone disrespects you or takes your candy.

* Everything should be available for the asking whenever it is wanted, as long as we don’t have to be the ones providing it for someone else.

* There would be no need for multiple cable channels, only DisneyNickelodeon, MTV, ESPN, and The Twilight Channel.

* Everyone would be able to walk around and have everything, while complaining that they are mistreated.

* No one would ever eat at home.

* Education, if desired, would be determined by what the child thought was important.

* Teachers, Doctors, Policemen, School Teachers, and Ministers would be disrespected and maligned, while movie and rock stars would be deified.

* Animals would be considered equal with humans.

* Hate would be outlawed; that is, unless someone disagreed with you.

* Church would be nothing but fun and games, with cookies for all to enjoy.

Wait! Maybe the children are already in charge!


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6 responses to “Out of the Mouths of Babes

  1. And everything would be a mess. Wait…

  2. It seems that you have entirely missed the point – the wisdom of children lies in their innocence – No child is born to hate – Love is a natural state, hate is taught. The same is true of trust, fear is another taught trait. To say that Wisdom comes from the mouth of Babes is a metaphor meaning through innocence Truth is revealed and Wisdom is perceived. If we can strip the programming of society from our minds and return to the state of pureness and innocence, if we can but allow our inner child to have it’s voice, then maybe we can erase hatred, wars, prejudice, racism, greed, negativity. So rather than dismiss the wisdom proffered by children, we might want to listen to what is said, see how they act – are they talking from their hearts or parroting what the adults are saying and doing.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment, Roger. I do appreciate it. However, I don’t feel I’ve entirely missed the point. I understand the metaphorical usage of the phrase in its proper context. It’s just the absurd level to which many go with it that I find humorous.

      One thing you said does concern me, though. You said, “love is a natural state, hate is taught.” In the context of, let’s say, racism in the old South, I would agree. But if you are suggesting that children are born in pure innocence, the epitome of love in its truest form, untainted by graft before they’re stained by adult-generated biases, then I would have to wonder if you’ve ever had children. (Insert laughing out loud) Children, by nature, are selfish and self-centered little critters that would consume themselves in a Lord-of-the-Flies fashion if left to themselves. Even the book of Proverbs says “foolishness is bound in the heart of a child.” Is it precious to watch little kids make friends with total strangers? Yes! Should we do that as adults? No! And neither should we whack Jimmy in the head when we want his toys. But then again, that’s what the innocent crumb crunchers do, correct?

      Seriously, my point was that true wisdom is something learned, either through our own pain and trials, or from the experiences of others. Children may be perceptive in their innocence, especially before their worldview is formed, but wise? That’s where I take issue.

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