Happy Mother’s Day!

A Song

When was the last time you heard a Mother’s Day song? I can’t remember one. Well, I decided to write one this evening.

I call it… “Mother’s Day”

Since my wife won’t let me sing it in church tomorrow, I put it on here for the rest of the world to hear. Hope you get a chance to sing it for your mother. As we church people say, “I hope it’s a blessing.”

And by the way, it was recorded in my kitchen on my iPhone 4.

Click “Mother’s Day” to listen.  Please? Pretty please?

“Mother’s Day”


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3 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day!

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  2. heather joy

    I must say, I did really love this song. It made me chuckle the whole way through. :]
    I trust you had a beautiful day in the Lord yesterday, and His presence will continue to guide you today.

    • That’s good to hear. I did play it in our a.m. service, but had my girls help by holding up signs that read “Happy” and “Mother’s Day” every time they heard the word.

      The great thing is that it went over VERY well. Several commented on how it was fun and happy, which made them feel good (and me).

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