Make the Light Bulb Deadly and You’ll Feel Better

Remember when life used to be simple? Remember when you use to be able to break things and say, “Oh, well?” Remember when you could accidentally break a light bulb, and as long as your were careful to not get cut, just pick up the big pieces, sweep up the rest, then go about your business?


Gone are the days of simplicity. Gone are the days of simple broken glass and a couple of stray, dangling filaments. Welcome to the era of insanity and stupidity. Welcome to the age of “Greener is better, unless you’re human.”

In case you haven’t heard, unless you’re in the mood to call a Haz/Mat team to your house for an afternoon of green tea and organic cookies, you’d better be careful when changing your new CFL light bulbs (you know, the little curly ones that are the craze). Used to be that when you accidentally broke a light bulb, like when you dropped it while changing it, the only thing you had to worry about was getting cut. Now, because of the hazardous materials used in the new bulbs, you have a lot more to worry about… mercury poisoning.

I don’t want to take the time to write out all of the instructions that our own government wants you to follow when you clean up your broken curly-que green-earth bulb – you can follow the link, below. I would use more energy in the process of typing it out than the amount saved from these new bulbs. Regardless what the advocates say, stop and think about the overall costs associated with the new CFL bulbs. They may use less energy when lighting up your earth-friendly house, but the economical and environmental costs involved in their production and disposal, including the undiscussed ramifications of millions of improperly disposed bulbs filled with mercury, contaminating everything from garbage cans to dump truck and land fills, could be astronomical. But hey, you can feel better knowing you’re “going green” while you go through the 15 steps of cleaning up the hazardous mercury in your home (again, see link below).

How much are we really saving?

Not much. Why? I say, “follow the money.” It is already becoming evident that many crooks are behind schemes to bilk the public (and the world) out of ungodly amounts of money through this global warming hoax. Even Al Gore is in trouble. But when it comes to these new bulbs, who is profiting from their introduction and destruction of the incandescent light bulb industry? Honestly, when you just look at the construction of one this these little wonders, they obviously cost a lot more in material and labor to create than the old-fashioned one. Somebody is making a killing while potentially killing us in the process.

Reality Check.

Remember, this is our Father’s world. “THE earth is the LORD’s, and all its fullness, The world and those who dwell therein” – Psalm 24:1 (NKJV). God made this world and He has a plan for it. Even though man may make living on it a challenge at times, man is not in charge of the seasons and the climate, GOD is (Daniel 2:21; Job 5:10; Psalm 147:8). No matter what the egotists say, the ones who think that man is bigger than God, big enough to even destroy His creation, our little creations can’t compare to the wonders of God’s Creation. If anything, the makers of these CFL bulbs should be held accountable to their Mother Earth for the damage all of that mercury is going to do to the fish in the streams when it finally gets into the water supply…….So there!

My suggestions? First, buy all of the old fashioned, incandescent bulbs that you can, before they’re gone. Secondly, get some people with common sense and no ties to the environmentalists’ purse strings back in Washington.  It would make me feel better knowing the “little light bulb” over their heads wasn’t deadly…or loopy.

Link to EPA (If you don’t believe me).

Link to descriptions of mercury poisoning (remember, this is in the cute, curly things).


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6 responses to “Make the Light Bulb Deadly and You’ll Feel Better

  1. Isn’t that the truth. The “fix” is worse than the problem.

  2. P.S. I like this post, and am going to link to it from my blogster mirror and my facebook.

  3. Valerie Baker

    Amazingly insane!

  4. Whilst we are undeniably ‘under God’ the Lord of all, the intent of God was for us to ‘tend and keep the garden’ and ‘rule the earth’. So, being the crown of God’s creation, we are ‘under God and over creation’. I too am doubtful if eco-bulbs are a ‘fix’, but we can thank God that humans are trying to do something, and we can encourage them rather than criticise?

    Just a thought. I too grew up in a legalistic movement (Armstrongism – Worldwide Church of God), and am grateful to see a grace-filled blog. May the disposition of Grace characterise our response to cultural issues as well as theological/biblical ones.

    • Thanks, Dale, for your comment. May I just say two things?
      1) Armstrongism – Worldwide Church of God? Wow! I am sure you have some stories to tell (Oooo! There’s a hint :-)).
      2) True, we should encourage better stewardship of God’s creation. It’s His world, and we’ve only got it on loan. Forgive me if I came across as a little critical. I was probably just irritated that I had to pay so much for one, while at the same time thinking of how cold it was about to be on the school bus I drive – global warming, you know.

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